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Lybia and shit

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I think this has gone way off topic... It's supposed to be about Lybia... And shit...


In light of calls for a cease-fire, I would like to say I am ready to declare a truce. Is @ expertyejin ready for a truce?

100% agree...I even mentioned earlier that I wished an administrator or global moderator could close this thread for good.

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BTGBullseye is correct, there's no real need to lock this topic (generally speaking I didn't nudge people back on topic when I posted before because debate threads like this one can tend to be fairly organic).


I recommend making your own thread, expertyejin. ;)


Or simply not continuing to post in this one.

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Americans who have never been outside of the US and only watch Fox News will never understand what I mean.

At least Fox News ain't liberal!

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