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Deus Ex OST Remixed by Alexander Brandon

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Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Deus Ex, and to celebrate the occasion Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos have put out an album containing heavily reworked and recreated versions of 17 tracks from the game's original soundtrack (available digitally as well as on CD and vinyl for the real fanatics out there)





Deus Ex is one of the most revered games in history, featured on many "best games of all time" lists. It broke new ground with player choice and depth of story for a first-person experience. And the soundtrack, which establishes a unique, futuristic gritty atmosphere, is highly regarded to this day.

Now, two of the original composers, Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos, have returned to the soundtrack they first wrote 20 years ago. In revisiting some of the game's most iconic themes, they have decided to keep some tracks true to the original, touched up using modern production techniques; other tracks are fully reimagined and will give even dedicated fans something new to listen to. It's a celebration of two decades of Deus Ex and a "thank you" to the fans who have kept their love for the game alive over the years.


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i dunno, i have mixed feelings about it, i mean it's really loud but... ehh, it's not quite as memorable to me as some of the originals, they just had a certain simplicity to them and... the music was just "cleaner", the music just feels almost too busy to me


i guess some of the worst songs are now far less janky sounding, but i don't know, i feel like the melody is often overwhelmed by the SHEER NOISE


maybe it's just the shitty mixing, but this feels like a downgrade overall, or maybe i'm just crazy again, but i kinda hate the remixes




man the unatco remix is so fucking bland, it just doesn't have the same soul anymore... i don't know...

it just sounds like some generic drum and bass song now, ehh

i don't even want to link versalife, i'm not even sure what it's supposed to be anymore

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