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Videochat July 2020

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"GUI is inherently slower because it requires rendering"

Michael Abrash spent a whole chapter of a book arguing about which stdio function is faster. A decade later, some guy makes a 2.5 BIllion Java based game about dirt blocks. 

Moral of the story? Never listen to detail oriented people, they don't know what they're talking about. If you want to make money and win at life, be product oriented.

"Fleet Intelligence Coming Online"

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It's funny to hear Ross complain about "lacking diverse approach" after making a video when he bashes Microsoft for not allowing his personal very specific workflow :D

Like what you are trying to do - is to essentially build a producing pipeline using OS and GUI as a glue/framework. That's not what most people do - most people use 5-6 programs and that's it, so they don't have all your problems with menus and taskbars and all that. Windows 10 feature of pinning app icon to the taskbar along with multiple super-wide monitors for professionals is usually enough. Basically people don't open and close apps all the time, so efficiency of that doesn't matter.

What most people who professionally do something, including video production, use is integrated commercial suites, like Adobe Creative Cloud that come will all the features you desire from OS - radial menus, all the important functions accessible on toolbars, customizable UIs, deep integration of various pipeline step applications into each other (so you don't have to open them via OS or even open them at all), and scripting.

When people say "use scripts/command line" they don't mean "write a script with 10 parameters and then launch it every time from CLI typing in all the stuff" - no. They mean "write a script with 10 parameters and integrate it into your pipeline, so it happens automatically". No one resizes images using IrfanView, no one even thinks about it - you have your OBS configured to output images to certain directory in a certain format, you have a script that collects those images and transforms them into whatever format is needed and there is a project management application to display, filter those images, as well as to provide parameters to the script (from project settings).


Your idea about "thinking out the box" with "script menu to launch scripts" just doesn't make sense as it's not about "20 seconds to launch a CLI command vs 10 seconds to launch the same command via GUI", it's about "10 seconds to launch the script vs 0 seconds to have the script launch automatically by being integrated into the pipeline".

I work with artists and writers (game development) and they use precise controls all the time. And yes, they can work for days without even touching the keyboard - but that's because everything they do is integrated and whatever 5 buttons they have on their tablet + radial menu in their app is enough. And when they need to do something that is not integrated into the pipeline, it's rare enough for them not to care about how efficient it is.

That's why no one in professional environment has your problems with OS gui :). That's why you get overrepresentation of Linux users - you are walking into BMW club and asking how to turn your hatchback into a truck the best way and then get amused that the most answers you get are coming from the preppers garage nearby. That's because they are the people who try to do what you do. Normal BMW users just buy a truck and don't try to build a truck out of hatchback. But preppers also don't build their armored trucks out of BMWs, they use different chassis that is more suited for the task.

Basically, it all comes to the "choose right tool for the job" - it seems that you have consistently selected all the wrong tools for all the steps of the process

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