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So let me first preface with this fact.

We should not debase ourselves willingly to our capitalist overlords by eating insects because their system of governance is slowing tearing the world apart making it harder to sustain a stable meat industry for the common man and making it a commodity for only the riches to obtain while the rest will only be able to sustain our protein requirements through eating roaches. Even though out meat industry is very immoral in how it treats animals, that, in of itself is a result of capitalism and its attempts of overproduction and propaganda convincing us we need to eat meat that comes from tortured, immobile animals with every meal every day instead of having a genuinely good steak on the weekend from an animal that actually got to move around once and a while.
But at the same time.
Why is there a stigma against eating bugs?
I'll bring up the obvious think about how literally the majority of people are just fine eating crabs and shrimp and lobster when they literally are giant bugs from the sea no matter what you say about phylogeny. I will promise you right now you are not able to "taste" the genetic difference between a Locust and a Shrimp no matter how hard you try and cope with that fact. There is no excuse why one is more acceptable based on looks over the other. If you think crabs are gross, then at least you are consistent compared to people who eat crabs and think bugs are gross.
Additionally its hyper efficient. Going back to my original point I don't mean in terms of protein production, even though it is true that a pound or 2 of feed can make more or less a pound of bug while you need more than a pound of feed to make a pound of beef. This matters far less than the fact most of the edible bugs that exist are in fact crop pests. Locusts, Aphids, Mealworms, all of these and many more eat our crops to an extent and as a result a multi million dollar pesticide industry has cropped up to combat them when we as animals have been using a very easy solution to deal with them for thousands of years, which is just eat them. In the old days it was still a problem no matter how many you eat because bugs dont last as long as stored grain, but now in the modern world this matters much less due to refrigeration and such, and we know now that if we are concerned with any leftovers we didnt catch we can just release their natural predator like ladybugs to do final clean up of whatever left. This could theoretically get rid of the need for any sort of pesticide and thus remove the environmental damages they are known to cause and contribute to, such as the decrease in pollinator population, or just straight up poisoning of water supplies with carcinogenic pesticides through run off.

Again, I dont think everyone has to switch to eating bugs, or give up meat. At most I think meat should be something you eat on the weekend or holiday rather than a meal staple, but I do think its silly that people think bugs are gross when we've been eating them for thousands of years to the point they are kosher and halal in every Abrahamic religion.


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