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Greetings.  This is your ever-tardy subtitler with an apology and a promise.


First, the apology:  As you may have heard by now, I have been struggling in my personal life which has caused me to fall down on the subtitles.  I profusely apologize.  I let y'all down and it only added to my feeling horrible.  I was called out in the March Video Chat and that made me finally *snap* out of the funk and get motivated.


Second, the promise:  See the attachment for a glimpse of what I'm working on.  This mess of a spreadsheet tells me what I am missing and what I need to do.  What I am going to accomplish with this is get EVERY missing subtitle onto the videos so that I am all caught up everywhere.  This will take some time but my promise to you all is to get back on track with regards to the subtitles.


Thank you all, and again, I apologize for what has happened.


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As of this post, I can say that I am done.  I am fully up-to-date with all the subtitles I can find on the forums and on my hard drive.  Everything should be posted.


If there is anything missing as of this posting to the forums, for any language, please let me know on the individual languages.  I will consider March 6, 2022 as the floor.  I will not be looking at any posts from before March 6, 2022 going forward.  I need to do this to keep my brain from falling apart.


I will try to keep up going forward as well.


Thank you all!

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HI MOMMY I'M IN ACCURSED FARMS! Thank you so much Daniel. I hope you're doing well in your life. As well as Ross, take your time on the subtitles. You are basically the 99% of our translations XD excelent timelapses. Have a good day, man. Once again, thank you :)

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Awesome news!


No need to apologise, Daniel. Real life takes precedence, and I hope things are going better now. Thanks so much for all your hard work, and for helping us contribute to the channel that's given us so much joy. All the best.

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