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Developer Comments on Game Dungeon

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Beat me to it, good on you. I was taking way too long to do so. And I never would have made it look this nice. 


There are some stuff I want to add to this though. 


First off, Revenant got a Dev comment too (under the Part 2 video), Ben Cooley:




And there's an additional part to Christian Boutin's comment, in a reply to himself:



I also have some misc. comments that are pretty closely related to the concept of the devs replying, but not close enough to really want to add the pictures. But I'll mention them anyway.


* There's a dev (Michael Pohoreski) on Need for Speed 1 (PSX version) in the comments of Test Drive 3, since the same team that made NfS1 made Test Drive 1 and 2... but they didn't say they worked on Test Drive 3.

* Someone in the Helious comments section claims to be Sean Puckett's child. She will not confirm nor deny Sean Puckett being an alien clone.

* Lastly two people claim they got in touch with the devs of CarnEvil. They seemed to really liked their work on the game and at least one expressed wanting to do a sequel or a remake, but the game has a lot of legal issues wrapped up in it.


Genuine question: should any replies from the devs in their own comment thread be added to this? Raymond Larabie has talked a LOT in his thread about the game and its development, and honestly its a treasure trove of information. But at the same time, it's not exactly a response to the Game Dungeon or anything Ross said, they're replies to other people. BUT, on the other hand, if the Cyril Cyberpunk interview is anything to go by, Ross loves hearing about the kind of stuff Raymond's talking about. So, maybe it could go in the Quarantine forum topic? Or is fine being added here and there are no rules?

Christian Boutin also replied to two other people in his comment thread (one of them he later deleted), and both of them I find amusing, but I have the same question for those parts.


That's all I got for now, will check in later if I can summon up the will to add anything more.

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