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A pretty obscure adventure game that I don't see enough people talking about. It was kinda interesting for the time for utilizing a 3D raycasting engine similar to Duke 3D or Doom, but with a traditional point-and-click interface. It plays a bit like System Shock for those who have played it, just without any actual shooting.


Some of the puzzles can be a bit hard to figure out, which is one of the reasons I think this game never got much traction. The CGI has also aged in both the best and worst ways, with it being a fairly early game to utilize motion capture and... it looks about as janky as you imagine it would.


Excellent voice acting though, and the graphics are the real show stealer. Highly worth checking out.

Game developments at http://nukedprotons.blogspot.com

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I remember reading about this in old pcgamer magazines (Still might have the issue) and wanting to play it, it has fairly distinctive visuals if nothing else and yeah, without having played either I get the same vibes as... A Dog's Life, was it? The one where you play as an actual dog? where I'll sometimes stop doing something to remember them and wonder why are they not talked about. Maybe they were too much a product of their time and don't hit as hard outside it.

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