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Trying to get through Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's cut on the hardest level as a hacker (ventilation pipe hiding). Also playing some Crusader Kings II for shit and giggles.

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Risk of Rain once more. I finally beat the game enough times to unlock the merc. 1 more character to go then I have them all. I also unlocked the Glass artifact which is funny. 500% damage with 10% health.


Edit: playing right now as huntress with Glass artifact. I got an early Infusion (every kill is a permanent +1 to health) and a bunch of other really good items in level one. I also got the secret hog level in level 3 so I can farm easy kills. This is so dirty it's not even funny. I have regular health already and still have the 500% damage boost. If I can't beat the game with this I deserve to uninstall XD


I like to play huntress because she's the only one who can attack and use abilities while moving. her attacks aren't hard hitting but she's the best at kiting.


Editedit: I just did so much damage and got so many kills with 1 attack, that the game glitched out and gave me an achievement for a character I wasn't even playing, for using an ability I don't even have. O_O

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Risk of Rain. Again.


I beat the game solo as Sniper. Never thought I'd say that and be serious but here we are.

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Star Trek Online... Just finishing projects, crafting, and collecting rewards from DOFF missions.

Again. Plus a couple PvE runs.

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