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I'm alternatively playing Tunic and Northern Journey.

Tunic can be a bit frustrating at times, but the basic gameplay is solid: a good mix of Zelda and Souls that's more Metroidvania than either; and having most of the game being written in a made up language is really making my working my brain, making me cross-match different sentences to identify common words and filling my room with string and notes like I'm an old school conspiracy theorist.

Northern Journey is a truly unique beast as well, and I think it would be good material for the Game Dungeon too, unless Ross is arachnophobic.

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I loved what Nightdive did with Quake 1, I should probably play 2 sometime.

Though I've always gotten the impression that 2 is more conventional and kinda...less interesting, across the board? I don't remember where I specifically first heard that.


On a related note, I recently played through Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, the Team Reptile successor to Jet Set Radio. It works great! And that's about it. Something about the slower speed, the broadness of the stages and general gameplay formula feels less-exciting than Jet Set Radio Future did. I love the OST, I love the controls, I love the visuals emulating that low-poly, blurry-texture-with-harsh-cel-shading style, but the magic just isn't there. It's not a bad game, and it's probably better for everyone who isn't already a superfan like me, but Future is still the height of this style of game.

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I can recommend Vampire Survivors; it's fantastic! 

I've been recently playing Prodeus, one of the new 'boomer' shooters. I really like the game feel and the art style.

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