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Help me: Movies to iPhone

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So recently I tried putting episodes of Freeman's Mind & Civil Protection on my iPhone (long journeys; music sometimes isn't enough, you know). The Internet tells me I can convert to the movies to MOV to add them to iTunes, and thus to my iPhone.




Oh, wait, the Internet has changed its mind. They must be mp4. Back to square one.




Now I try to add the episodes (in .mp4 format) to iTunes. It clearly does something, but afterwards they are nowhere to be seen. Films tab is blank.


May any kind folk here lend me a helping hand so I can enjoy long plane journeys a bit more? i.e. give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this right?

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Please keep in mind this is not a tech support forum and there are better ones for this.


Here's the solution:


1.Download Videora iPhone Converter

2. Adjust the software to your iphone's resolution (3GS and 3G are like 480 x 320, iPhone 4 is 960 x 640).


The rest of the instructions are self explanatory in the program, it's totally free and converts the videos to a mp4 that your phone can read and will be able to sync with iTunes.


edit: By the way, Videora iPhone converter has an option to automatically add converted videos to iTunes library but you may like to do it manually, it works the same as you did and it will work because the videos that come out are specially coded to be iphone-compatible.

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Personally I use format factory. It has way more options. When you do convert the files make sure that the videos bit-rate doesn't exceed what your iPhone can handle, When the tunnel first came out I only had time to download and convert them to MP4 but at the last 5 minutes of the video were corrupted and basically spoiled part of the end and delayed the climax for me by another few hours. :(

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