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  1. Minecraft. Spending ages building an awesome house, then to go off into a mine to get stuff and realise I can't find my way back home again.
  2. The Stanley Parable. Technically not a 'game', but still.
  3. The Demoman from Team Fortress 2 can load a maximum of four grenades in a grenade launcher that has six barrels, and he holds the stickybomb launcher one-handed in the first-person view.
  4. You mean Stephen Fry? Anyway, I played it and saw all six endings. I must say it's a good game. Very shoddy mapping work, though.
  5. Well, right now he's at the "less action-oriented" part of the game, so there's not a lot going on.
  6. Am I the only one who considered that it could have been that light squeaking noise of machinery? As in part of the level's ambience? If you listen closely you'll hear a high-pitched squeak, a bit like the noise a bat makes. A second later, "WHAT THAT A BAT?!"
  7. Multiplayer games with weapons that are either overpowered or infuriatingly annoying. Big accusing stares at Team Fortress 2 for its Force-a-Nature and its Dead Ringer and its Brass Beast and its Shortstop and its Mad Milk and its
  8. Now you have no excuse not to get it. Also, Meet the Medic.
  9. Somehow I doubt Scott will even make a Freeman's Mind 2, but even if he does, then... ... no, it won't have to happen.
  10. The only problem is (although it's probably just me), there isn't much to make fun of in Lost Coast. The original Half-Life had silly things, things not making sense and, at times, bad level design (and a lot of vent-crawling). Lost Coast makes sense all the time (except for how you got there in the first place, and how you escape).
  11. I really liked this episode. Brings back memories of when I spent hours in that room with all the conveyor belts. Also, Magnum usage. Finally!
  12. It wouldn't be a bad idea. I doubt it'll happen any time soon though, but it would be quite nice.
  13. Way to get fingered by Godzilla. I'm so proud of you.
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