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  1. If there is an international catapult then I'm in.
  2. Centurion. I don't know if it even made it to cinemas but it was a very good roman empire movie. It also has some of the meanest killing I've seen in a while and Michael Fassbender is awesome in it. 8.5/10
  3. My favorite moment is probably the combine ambush in episode 2. Favorite vehicle: the muscle car. Favorite weapon: probably the hl1 crossbow/tranquilizer gun
  4. It was a good demo but I think that the game is much more basic than what was shown. For example, the traffic light thing would have been the only option
  5. Nice gun with the quarian infiltrator. What is it?
  6. I just got Skyrim. So far it's a lot of fun but I can tell that it could take over my life a bit
  7. I laughed at the trash bin. What's the desktop from, I recognize it from somewhere
  8. The moral of this episode: Don't tap on the glass
  9. Yeah. It's really only a good idea in theory
  10. You don't like games that require an online pass?
  11. Isn't wider hips meant to be more attractive psychologically because it's related to a better chance of giving a healthy birth anyway?
  12. Anyone try out the weekend's multiplayer challenge?
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