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  1. Ubisoft's new IP is a near-future cyberdystopian hacking tale, it looks like. y8U3BmifHkY I think it's awesome.
  2. This board has me snared. So I might buy an SSD to complement my half-terabyte hard drive. Is it worth it? What should I be putting on it? The OS (windows 7)? My games? What's a cost-effective one?
  3. I ordered some Arctic Silver paste and a third-party sink, and the improvement is very noticeable. Thanks to all who responded.
  4. Well edited, but I think you should have removed the HUD entirely.
  5. Finally purchased the entire Assassin's Creed series when I saw it on steam sale a couple weeks ago. Amazing decision, actually. I've barely been able to pull myself away from the game to eat/sleep/etc.
  6. I'd buy this game based on the setting alone. Add in all these powers, and I'd pay almost any amount of money for this thing. I'm intrinsically fascinated by steampunk, but this isn't quite it. It's more in line with like Cyberpunk, it seems. Victoriofutiristic? Whatever it is, it looks awesome.
  7. I don't just insert curses into conversation for slight emphasis, as some people do, or even use phrases like "wtf" often, but get me riled up or scared (see: amnesia) and my vocabulary becomes 85% cursing. "JESUS F**K" and "YOU GOD-MOTHERF**KING-DAMNED BASTARD" seem to be favorites of my alternate personality. Edit: Although most of the time my vocab is polite except for cases described above, I really couldn't care less about others cursing. To a certain extent it seems weird that society considers some words offensive, esp those which have no real offensive connotation (why is sh*t dirtier than excrement if they mean the exact same thing)? Derogatory terms like c*nt, though, I can see the reason for people disliking.
  8. Huh. Wouldn't have expected to find this thread on this board. I'm ShovelsWorkWellEnough, Shovels for short. My odd username (and derivative title) originates from a dream I had a while ago about an alternate version of the movie Alien where the Nostromo crew just beat the titular creature to death with shovels. I'm a tabletop roleplaying fan, videogame nerd, and general sci-fi geek. I'm just getting into PC hardware, in fact I recently built a machine with difficulty, but was successful. I've lurked here for about a week, and am now posting. So yah!
  9. A quick question: would there be any measurable performance increase to buy a third-party heatsink and case fan, as my CPU runs fairly hot, or does it just increase lifespan? I was planning on buying an Intel chip at some point this summer, but would there be a substantial increase in performance to invest in the cooling system?
  10. "I have a gun, so I'm in charge!" This is so true it's hilarious.
  11. Like a month ago, I was building a gaming PC from scratch, which was pretty much the first interaction into computer hardware I had ever undertaken. When I was done, I couldn't get it to turn on for like a week. I kept taking the RAM out and putting it back in. Eventually, I discovered that my great mistake was that I had plugged the power button wire into the mobo backwards (the power pin was connected to the ground socket, and vice versa). Flipped them back and it worked perfectly. I was simultaneously delighted and furious with myself.
  12. The next episode will be 43. 42 will come when he finally meets Gman. Then they will hug and laugh and happy. They'll happy SO HARD you won't even believe it. So yeah, that's 42. (also first post wooo)
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