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This or that?

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Popular forum game.



Poster 1: Coke or Pepsi?

Poster 2: Pepsi. Dogs or cats?

Poster 3: Cats. Cheetos or Doritos?


And it goes on and on. Let's begin!

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Shoot someone, that way I can shoot 'em at the least lethal area... THE BRAI- I joke, but really I would shoot at the least lethal area (or at least what I hope is the least lethal)

Watch/listen to a marathon to MLP:FiM for 24 hours, or watch/listen to a marathon of Justin Bieber's "music" for 24 hours (if you're a brony YOU CAN'T ANSWER THIS QUESTION!)

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Bieber, it's a less torturous death...


A kick in the teeth, or a kick in the crotch? (girls shouldn't answer this, they have that advantage over guys)

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Proton torpedos.

Seeing as they're a technology that already exist. They're called torpedos.


Pipe organ or harpsicord?

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Nerd; atleast you're smart and not just a video game, computer, etc. addict.

Oldschool Linkin Park or Disturbed?

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