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I didn't like it much, I personally felt like unit designs looked too busy, and the Grey Goo is just really boring to look at and play as, seeing most of the units look very same-ish.


I've been meaning to give it another shot, but I didn't have fun with it.

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This game is an amazing concept of grey goo event. Which as you know, is when nanites try to convert everything into more nanites. Like 'the blob' but with more of a zombie/plague feel.

The alien races are not the most expanded or interesting but the mechanics for each race are interesting and solid. The worlds look and feel really organic and alive. Even the world touched by the nanites has a sort of converted grid damage look. Nothing competitive here but if your looking for an original take on an idea, try it.

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I recently played through part of the campaign and I didn't like it much either. It felt strange. Like the developer spent way too much time on the cutscenes and the general presentation, but failed to make anything about the game particularly interesting. The races and their units especially were a disappointment. That it was rather slow and a bit clunky also didn't help. "Universe at War" is by the same developer, but I have to yet try that one.

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On 9/3/2019 at 1:40 AM, BurningSheep said:

"Universe at War" is by the same developer, but I have to yet try that one.

The developer is Petroglyph, the core guys from Westwood Studios, the same ones that made Command & Conquer and Star Wars: Empire At War.

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this was just boring to play and ugly to look at. I heard about it so many times but when i tried it i was very disappointed. 

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