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I heard that this game was ditched by its developers. It seems likely that it will be in "early access" until the sun burns out

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Posted (edited)

You were supposed to fight giant sharks with legs.





The original HUD has also been neutered.


I don't think this game will ever happen, I don't know why.

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The "why" is because the devs have an extremely low budget, and have had real life interfere with their game coding. Also, tech shortly after they started did a huge leap forward, and it is discouraging when you're stuck a generation behind the rest.

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I've played this game years ago, but it definitely died since.  There's no singleplayer campaign yet and there never will be one.

Only buy this game if you're happy with what it has now, which is two (admittedly fun) singleplayer missions. It's been early access since 2009 I think, and it hasn't gotten anything new of substance in probably 6 years.

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The original development team left, and a majority of the work is done by volunteers. That being said, the game isn't dead, as it's been stated that there are new updates coming as time goes on.


Implying a Dev team has given up is disingenuous. They're active on discord and update their work to-do list on Trello.



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