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Very primitive gameplay - not entirely walking simulator, but close. Otherwise, slightly interactive movie. Quite lengthy for the format.

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I don't know, I got bored out of my mind with this game, I don't even think there's any gameplay.


You have to pilot this really finnicky drone most of the time, and the game even yells at you, if you don't really understand what you are actually supposed to do, the camera is always upside down, and the whole station is just really a pain to navigate, it was just really tedious to just, move around.


This game also has timed puzzles, so, yeah, screw you game.


I think when something as basic as, moving your character, gets tedious, that's just a really bad sign, a game pretty much loses me almost immediately.


Most of the game is just you playing, Simons Says, while the screen flashes three thousand times per second. Otherwise, it's barely interactive. You are literally mostly just looking at stuff, the human tells you to look at the thingy, ok you looked at the thingy? Good robot, go look at more thingies.


I don't know, the human mostly does everything in this game, why even play as a robot if I'm nearly useless most of the time?


I mean, that title isn't joking around. Observation is literally what you do all the game. Hard pass.

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I think the negative reviews are completely full of it. Although the game has pretty threadbare gameplay it's not really what you're there for. If you're looking for a game with a really damn good story that's basically a video game adaptation of 2001 a space odyssey where you get to play as HAL9000 then this is the game for you. The gameplay is bare, yes, but that's not what this game is about. The presentation is jaw-dropping, the mysteries deep, and the writing is solid. For the hardcore story and atmosphere junkies, this is a must-play.

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I don't know, personally when I have to wrestle with the controls 90% of the time, I stop caring about the storyline, and I really hate walking simulators, they are not even real games in most cases. I don't get this whole "it's like a movie" excuse, game's just boring to me, I might as well just watch a full let's play at that point, I'm not really being encouraged to support the developers, when that's all there is to the game.


To me a videogame needs to have some level of interactivity, and some actual gameplay, if not, then it's a pretty easy choice to make.


At least the Stanley Parable had SOMETHING going on, I didn't go too crazy about it, but it entertained me far more than Observation did. I don't need some overly complicated storyline to justify playing a game, it's just not how I pick my games for the most part. I would rather focus on games which honestly want to provide a fun experience, instead of playing things like.... Firewatch (Firewatch sucks, don't play it, the ending sucks too - it's just some pretend love story, which goes nowhere, that's it)


Maybe it's just me, but, I often feel like the biggest issue I have with these "no gameplay" games is the fact that, to me it often feels like I wasted four hours of my life, and I didn't even get to do anything, I accomplished nothing, I literally just wasted my time for no reason. I'm sorry but, most videogame writers write crap for the most part, most people don't even know how to write a serious storyline. I literally played the waiting game, and I paid to wait around, to stand around, and to do a whole lot of nothing.


I actually watched 2001 and I just ended up skipping to the end, I was bored out of my mind when I watched that movie.

I'm the type who would honestly rather watch Rush Hour 2 ten times on repeat, instead of torturing myself with 2001 again.


Guys if I wanted to watch a movie, I would watch a movie. I wish people could stop turning videogames into, things they are not.


Honestly, an actual fun game, with a decent storyline and a great atmosphere? Just play Max Payne.


Hell, even the second one, gameplay is actually really fun in that one.

I think the fact that, I really liked it as a kid, should tell you a lot about the game itself. It's not exactly your average childhood game to be honest.


It helps that Max is just an extremely likeable character, meanwhile here we have, space cardboard, space cardboard, robot space cardboard.


I think walking simulators need to die in a pit. They are not real games, they are just a lazy excuse to put the minimum effort needed to "create" a "game". I've played them, they were all bad, and everytime I regret it, I don't know why I bother anymore with these type of games, they are just so bland too.


You need to do something special with such barebones games in order to hook me, if anything my expectations are way higher for these "movie" "games", I actually expect some quality, but in most cases I end up with a whole lot of nothing really.

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Very "on-rails" kind of gameplay. Puzzles are pretty basic. Its strengths lie in the story, atmosphere, and visuals. Treat it as more of a (barely) interactive episode of The Outer Limits than an actual game. (But, like, a two-parter season finale kind of episode.) If that doesn't sound fun, then it's probably not for you.

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You get to freely explore a very realistic space station! It looks amazing.

True, the puzzles are sub-par, but they are mostly used as a device to engage the player in the moment, and not as challenges by themselves. It's not a puzzle game, it's a thriller.

The beginning has you looking through wall mounted cameras, like "five nights at freddy's", but fear not - you get to freely explore shortly after.

I really recommend to try and play this at lower resolution. something like 1024×576. It makes everything look like the feed of a streaming camera. Really puts you in the mood and makes everything look realistic. 

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