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This game is borderline unplayable, the framerate is garbage no matter what you do. I got it for free, but it was a pass.

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I had high hopes for this game because it's a spiritual successor for Syndicate. But, like NuXcom, they shaved off the strategy and scope, made it a small story, and then shoved in a normal hack plot. No longer are you a corporate warlord, you're the plucky band of omnipotent heroes who are gunning a corporation which is evil to take out their...competitive edge in the market?


Again, we go from fighting all over, and for, the world to fighting just one corporation in some city. I don't like this trend of games in a series down-scaling their scope and scale.


On top of the problems in getting it to run.... I've had it on four computers. I think a Lenovo computer from three odd years ago was the best. "Gaming" laptops and ASUS or Dell towers don't work. I don't know if it's a compatibility issue or something but I've never got it to run. 

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The Eshanas is right. It's like a downscaled Syndicate. If you OK with that, you may like this game.

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Posted (edited)

It's a Syndicate clone, which is great since we are never going to get an actual Syndicate game as long as EA owns the IP.

Supposedly you can play the game in diverse ways thanks to the different classes, but I found the most effective way to progress is to kill everything in sight. I'm personally OK with that, I like stealing blueprints from a rival corporation so I can build a plasma minigun with my team of rogue scientists and I don't want that to go to waste.

The story is a mess, it's not bad but you have to hack a bunch of optional terminals and then piece together the out of order e-mails and news articles to understand what's actually going on. Otherwise you are just morally ambiguous goons trying to rob singularity level technology for profit, that works for me. 

I know some people have had technical problems, but it runs fine on my machine, maybe they have patched the game or I'm just lucky.

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