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VERY fun game! I've only played the survival mode since the campaign only came out relatively recently, but I think it's worth it for survival mode alone. You have to survive for 100 days (less or more depending on difficulty), and that involves surrounding your settlement with walls, towers, and tons of units to stop the oncoming horde. Throughout the days, you'll have to fend off progressively larger raids of zombies, until on the last few days, you'll be assaulted by an absolutely massive horde - not quite billions, but it sure feels like it.


Only negatives I can think of is that the survival maps are randomly generated, and sometimes it spawns you in a ridiculously bad spot that there's just simply no way you can win. Or sometimes you get a good spot, but the ore you need is really far... I guess that's the nature of the genre though. I highly recommend this game.

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This game has only been getting better and better- and it is being developed by people who remember the original Command and Conquer and Warcraft- the golden era for RTS gaming.

The one thing it needs is something to alleviate the grind of exploring or expanding your colony. A lot of times it comes down to ordering 50 soldiers from position to another, rinse and repeat. The waves are definitely what makes this game great.

Would Rate: Great!

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I must say I was very disappointed by this title: It lacks depth, there is only one clear build-chain and in general, the game just feels like a minimal viable product made without any sense for game design. The campaign is horrible. But a fun concept, and I wish someone more talented would create a more interesting version of this game.

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