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Halloween Game Dungeon! This is a game I was always considering making an episode of before, so this year I tackled the beast head on. Have a Happy Halloween! New special “Halloween hangover” episode coming in a few days!

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This is like a videogame version of The Good Place. In the end of the episode you're describing the hell version of The Good Place series!!

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8 hours ago, PapaFrita said:

This is like a videogame version of The Good Place. In the end of the episode you're describing the hell version of The Good Place series!!


Good Catch!

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This game... Oh man, this game.


They did some amazing world-building, to the extent that it's a bit baffling how little of that made it into the game itself. The Hell-blimp flying things, for example, are a type of demonic wildlife called an "exospector". They're mindless, aren't predatory, and apparently mostly serve as a sort of terraforming system to turn Earth into something more comfortable for the demons.


At one point in the game, there's a quest chain to shoot one down so a science crew can study it or something. You have to man a bunch of janky AA popguns that felt a lot weaker than they should have, with a weird interface a bit like the RTS-lite section where Ross ordered small waves of NPC troopers to push forward along a street. Once the exospector was down, you entered it to see how it worked on the inside, and the structure was - surprise, surprise - another type of recycled level: the instance used the same xenomorph ribbed-tunnel style like when the player went in to destroy that unlucky NPC's mind.


It's a cool concept, but the game just never really lived up to it.

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On 10/31/2020 at 2:27 AM, Im_CIA said:

Sounds pretty dumb. They can field massive fleets of FTL warships ...

It does. And it's not how it works in WH40k.
The empire of man relies mostly on ranged weaponry as you would expect, guardsmen all have laser rifles with bayonets and space marines mostly use bolters, plasma guns etc. Melee is either a backup or a specialty, e.g. space marine assault squads use bolt pistols and chainswords (and bombs), they close in using jetpacks and disrupt enemy lines.
Of course Orks just love getting into melee, so there it is more prevalent.
Rule of cool did have a big say in Warhammer but they managed to come up with decent in-universe explanation for most things.


Anyway, Hellgate is tedious but I did finish it with that drone class. You just need upgraded napalm launcher and a lot of patience.

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