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  1. I've been disappointed in CoD lately but haven't given up hope that it's just in a rut. I hope Black Ops 2 brings back how fun CoD was before MW2. They've added good things since then but there's been more regression than progression.
  2. One of the best so far, even with the lack of stuff going on around Freeman.
  3. Considering he said he felt like god using it I'd say it be getting some more usage with the more powerful foes later on.
  4. This is exactly what he wants us to do. I bet it's an evil trap for all of us lol
  5. Definitely one of the best episodes yet, with some great quotes as everyone's said. I had one complaint, although he is under a lot of stress I think the whole "Freeman uses drugs" theme could be toned down a tad, he could have taken a second to at least notice he just picked up a crossbow with a sniper scope.
  6. I wonder if you could do it the way Minecraft does it, load chunks of the map as you near it.
  7. I was actually introduced to Half-Life though Freeman's Mind, so before I even played the game I watched it and now that I have had it for awhile I'm very glad I found FM. Thanks Ross for introducing me to Half-Life!
  8. I think it would be cool for CP to eventually tie in with the HL2 story but not so soon. Of course we can assume all the episodes before this happened take place in 15 years after the Combine have a strong hold on Earth. If CP started connecting with events in HL2 and its episodes so soon what would happen when the HL2 universe ends and (what I guess would happen) the Combine are forced from Earth by the Rebels and Freeman.
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