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  1. So I know a lot of you are going to rage at me for doing this post, however I see no rule against it at the moment. So there is this website called Points 2 Shop, it's basically a site where you do surveys and earn points/Cash. And lets be honest we know these are all scams, right? Well it seems we're wrong, this is actually legit HOWEVER it is rather slow to achieve anything but I'd still recommend it for when you have nothing else to do. Take your time to google about it and read reviews, I just want to share this with you and if a mod feels this shouldn't be here then please remove it, I wouldn't want to cause any trouble, and if users feel the same then alert a mod to take away this post. If you decide you want to give it a try then please register at: http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=SanyaIV This would help me out a lot! Thanks <3
  2. Scream 4 5/5, I think it was awesome even if I were to scared to have the sound on at some parts.. I just can't watch horror movies ._. I also liked the little humor in it.
  3. Thank you everyone for your kind words and thank you for taking time reading through that! ♥
  4. Are you saying that putting freeman's mind audio in a video (which I must say, was very time consuming) then giving full credit to the animator, is considered reuploading? I don't think he realized that you put the audio from Freeman's mind in the trailer.
  5. Mine is "The Lovecats" ^-^ Currently NOT updating list as a new song comes on. Bookmark A Head - Chiba Saeko One Second of Slow Motion - Supercell feat. 初音ミク Source - The Duskfall Monster - Skillet She Is Beautiful - Andrew W.K.
  6. Black fingernails... Are you emo/goth? Goth if anything.. would be pretty light goth in that case.
  7. I can't smile on photos I take myself. ._. http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/1702/img20110819150256.jpg Edit: I also don't have someone to take them for me.
  8. I forgot to mention it but I love MLP:FIM!
  9. I guess I may introduce myself even though I'm not really a new member. Short Version: My name is Erik Larsson, I'm 17 and come from Sweden. I first came here for Freeman's Mind and later discovered CP too. (Love them both btw) Longer Version (Warning: Contains useless information, rambling and attentionwhoring (and maybe more)): Hello, My name is Erik Larsson but I like to go by the name Sanya which I stole from "Sanya V. Litvyak" From the anime Strike Witches. I'm 17 years old and I come from Sweden but I hope I can move to Canada in a few years (a longer explanation for everything is coming later). So how did I find my way here? It all started when I was browsing through subscription videos on youtube, in the middle of all crap I found something interesting, Freeman's mind! So I watched it and loved it so decided to look up the earlier episodes on youtube, watched them too and realized there was a link in the video, followed it and ended up at the blog! I signed up and started showing up daily for updates on new episodes etc. I haven't really started using the forum since recently though. More explained about me: As I said my real name is Erik Larsson but I like to be called Sanya. The reason for a girl name is because I mostly feel like a female in a male body. So why did I chose Sanya? Well it all started with 4chan, I started to visit the "Alice" threads regularly so I decided to join in and as I didn't want to use my real name, I decided to use Sanya's name and now you're wondering, why her name? Well It's because I can associate myself with her, I'm horribly shy, usually never speak unless I need to etc. Why did I say I wanted to move to Canada? Well it's because a very special person lives there and I would very much go to see him. The name of this person will remain a secret. Our relationship is rather... complicated.. other people don't understand it that well but.. I'm his pet and he is my master and we take it to a very high level and would also like to bring it into real life. I'm planing on finishing school first though so it will be at least 2 more years until I can move there. "Wait did you just say pet?" Yes I did! I'm into the whole thing about being "owned" but there is also a reason for "pet" and not "slave", a pet would get more care and love than a slave would! I'm also into some things like bondage and waxplay but that's nothing you have to know. "Wait wait wait... did you just say that you're actually a guy.. and he is also a guy?" Yes Indeed, I'm bisexual. I don't feel I need to give this anymore explanation. More about my personality: I'm horribly shy and I have social phobia which I am going to go into counseling for (starts on monday). You could say that I'm a worse version of Fluttershy. Normal Schoolday from train there to while I'm home: 1. Getting nervous waiting for train 2. Being nervous because of too many people on train (If it's full and cramp I have a high risk of panicking) 3. Being nervous going through the school doors 4. Being nervous all the time in school 5. Don't eat lunch because we get a card to go to restaurants but there are too many people and I would have to sit with other people and well.. too close social interaction for me. 6. nervous on the train home 7. Get home and feel "safe"/not nervous 8. Get behind the computer and start talking with Master and feel a lot better. So yeah that's pretty much my life right now.. well right now we're packing and getting ready to move because my parents just divorced but it's for the best. Writing this has given me a few things to think about.. Also A thing you might have noticed is that, while online, I crave attention! Yes, I'm an attention-whore but not in "real life". Edit: Once I feel close to someone in real life I don't have near as huge problems interacting, I even used to go eat lunch with this one guy but.. well.. I don't really talk much even if I'm your friend so he found new friends.
  10. Hammer beats and walking - The people working on my roof...
  11. http://img847.imageshack.us/img847/6528/unledade.png Mine.
  12. Steam name: Left4DeadLover In my own opinion PC is better than consoles but I respect those who think otherwise and their opinions. No need to fight about something that can not be won.
  13. Well at least you're able to download it! "Seeds: 0(0) Peers: 0(1)" Oh well, I'll wait another 10 min and if it doesn't work, then I'll settle with my mixture of 720p and 1080p.
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