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  1. Imagining Alyxx's mouth on fire and her sitting all casual with a caption saying "this is fine."
  2. Do it. Do it with a megaphone or a boombox. just make it dramatic as fuck, man. I'm thinking of taking a shower on time and embracing the reality that i'll do it an hour later.
  3. Still around, just focusing on career stuff. you know how life is.
  4. So anyone wanna take bets on how long i'll be gone after this? seriously though, my Army career is going good, I'm currently in the NCO academy training to be a sergeant. After that, who knows? is some of the veterans still here? lol
  5. waiting to have lunch with some friends while avoiding the leftover pizza in my fridge.
  6. This may have been said before, but i'm not reading that far up. What if the April fool's joke is that this is a joke. like he plans to make more, but he wants us to think it's a joke so we're not expecting it. *edit: Read up. CARRION said it. not sorry. XD
  7. is he getting his ass kicked? played D&D for 10 hours today, now i'm relaxing and getting ready for sleep.
  8. just got done working out. now i'm eating pizza...because...I'm into ruining things i guess.
  9. At least you're allowed to grow a beard. :/
  10. Hey guys! sorry I've been absent for a long time, but i've been out in yuma arizona doing some field training. hope i didn't miss too much.
  11. Hey all, i'm still alive. About 1 more week out in the field to go!
  12. 16 hour days the last two weeks. fuckin' kill me.
  13. You're adorably innocent. you know that?
  14. lol I'd like OPSEC a lot more if i didn't have to sit through patronizing-ass briefings about how to adhere to protecting secrets. "if you find a CD on your desk, don't put it in the computer, give it to the security people. it may contain a sort of intrusion software" like no shit, wasn't exactly my first instinct! but anyway, knowing secrets is fun the first three seconds after you're told, then it's just existing with it. :/
  15. I'd send you one of mine but I don't think it'll be cold anymore by the time it reached you and who even wants a warm stout? i'd find a way to make it cold. But yea, apparently our sister batteries bombed their qualifications so the entire exercise has been held back until people catch up. i'm one of the few people who managed to not bomb it. so now, i gotta teach people. (i'd be less vague, but OPSEC, yo. )
  16. Welcome everybody i've missed since my job stopped giving me free time.
  17. Stuck in the field again. this time to qualify on vehicle emplacement. haven't had any real time for anything except sleep and work. i need a beer.
  18. Don't tell me what to do. (i might be ahead of you) Also, what's the normal percentage people should wear pants in their own house? 5%? i feel like it's 5%...
  19. yea, he's changed a lot. i took it as ironic humour at first, but it's become sincere in a very bad way...Also, over-exaggerated immaturity pisses me off. at least jacksepticeye's cool still.
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