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  1. @Riott: Cool. I would like to do this as well. seeing as i: - Pay to much for my internet, and want to consume as much bandwith as possible at the end of the month - I would like to help out Ross to get more views. So can anyone create a .html file or something that will instantly open up every single Freeman's Mind episode? or at least 10-15episodes... Share the file with everyone here who wants to help out. if just 100 people use it 3times per week that means 50.000 extra views in a month. (I get 4 unique IP's from my provider, i use one for my desktop, one for my router (viewing on ipad?), and another cable for my macbook to use) As a morning & evening routine: open up the .html file on the desktop & macbook.
  2. Who's up for some Youtube spamming?? In the Cleavage video's there are 4-5 comments right now telling about Freeman's Mind & Ross Scott. If we all pitched in, By liking all those comments about FM, and maybe replying to other video's with similar comments, i'm sure there are people just wondering what's those comments are about, and do a google or youtube search.
  3. Completely agree. @Chuck: No, that's not me at all. I am all for the right to carry weapons. I just want that 1 or 2% that's a bigger danger to themselves or others to be (educated, or not have a weapons) I am talking about the real stereotype's, you know what i mean, examples - elderly who shake so much there's a 68% chance they hit a bystander instead of the perp. - Girls who can hardly hold up a 9mm but use desert early. - Ppl who can't handle that kickback and 2/5 chance they get hit in the head - -or worse http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/01/14/5841219-gun-fair-organizer-acquitted-in-boys-death?lite - Ppl who jerk the trigger because they can't handle it = 90% miss = hitting bystander - Ppl who are "scared" of the shot and close their eyes during aiming. - I seen ppl trying to shoot, weapon not working, shooter investigating, while holding it in such a way that he could easily shoot himself or people around him & still having his finger on the trigger. I'm not saying they can't have weapons! But maybe just 5 or 10min. of education for these people could make a huge difference. ------- Like i said, in no way do i want to limit the 95% other, correct users. And i don't want to add unnecessary paperwork to be added, or the process slowed down in any way. But what would you say if a person needed to shoot 10 round with the gun he was wanted to buy. A supervisor or the gun-shop owner would observe (some examples i gave above) and afterwards could say... - Sorry miss, I think it's better if you got a smaller gun. - Sorry Sir 1 shot landed 2 lanes further, 3 in the ceiling, and only 1 came somewhat close to the target. I think you should get your eyes checked, or do you have parkinsons? - Sorry, checking to see if it's loaded by looking in the barrel is best avoided.
  4. By the way, i didn't say guns should be banned. But i do feel there needs to be some way to keep people who: - Have serious mental problems - People who are 80% blind ... Prevent them from buying weapons just as easily as buying a bottle of water. Just like i feel a 95year old person who's getting really distracted in his old day, and has real bad vision (even with is glasses) shouldn't still be driving a car. Also, i feel there should be something like a 24hour waiting period when buying a gun. To many people who have are depressed one night, or have fight with wife, ... Who have a "bad night", go to a gun store, and end up doing things that might have been prevented if they got their weapon after 24hours instead of 24min.
  5. Very sad, one of the victims. http://twitter.com/JessicaRedfield was at the Eaton center shooting just a month ago. http://jessicaredfield.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/late-night-thoughts-on-the-eaton-center-shooting/ She then got out a few minutes before the shooting there started because she had a "strange/bad feeling" Her last tweet was only 20min. before the movie started. How horrible. (final destination comes to mind) ----- I really think the second amendment needs to be altered. I mean, there are people out there who can't be trusted with anything more dangerous then baby scissors, They can basically walk into any gun-store, and walk back out armed to the teeth and re-enact their favorite scene from a game or movie... ( "i'm the joker ) This can only lead to bad things
  6. Oops, i checked the files on my pc and no problem there. So only on Apple TV. Noise, and a few crackling sounds. The sounds from Episodes 21-24 are made with 32bit. Seems like there is a problem with playing this. Ross probably missed a value while encoding those episodes. thx for the help anyway!
  7. Does any1 have any idea why episode 21 through 24 have audio problems when i play them? Recently i watching it as a whole, roughly 6episodes a day. But when i arrived at Ep21 the sound problems started, At Ep25 everything is fine again! thx
  8. although it is nice to give t-shirts and merchandise to you donators. it defies the purpose. Ross gets some money and now needs to spend his time with: designing, ordering, accepting big order, find donators shippping data, pack and label for donators, and finally sent merchadise. the sum in donations would just be a compensation for the time lost in doing all the above. By giving back small things like donator tags, or very subtle shout-out in an episode would require only an extra minute or 2. but then again donators shouldn't need anything in return
  9. +1 for the name tag idea and maybe the biggest donator during the development of an episode will get his name in the next episode: for example on the posters that are inside the game (were freeman jokes: "safety".... "American Bad-ass"...) and in HL2 the civil-protection recruitement posters. And... perhaps by the time we reach HL2 the biggest all-time donator will get a ruler caricature to replace the Breen posters or video screens
  10. So people, today skynet becomes selfaware! So, if anyone noticed anything... Keep us informed
  11. fair enough, pretty tough to mind all the factors. where are those theoretical physicists when you need them. Gordon could probably solve it like he solved the problems at CERN http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_hIGrFxSTkBU/TMGyceAbP5I/AAAAAAAAB6Y/6-eGvqc5pP0/s1600/Gordon%2BFreeman%2BSpotted%2BAt%2BCERN.jpg
  12. guess I didn't read it all that thoroughly. My guess was that it isn't just size, but speed as well. If the moon was about to hit us, but was only moving at 5 miles per day. You would need less energy to change it's path ( and let it pass earth) If something the size of Texas was going to hit us, but was racing towards us at 10.000 miles per hour. You would need much more enery to change it's path
  13. wouldn't Newton's laws of motion be a problem? The force needed to blow something away that is moving at such vast speeds in our direction cause the exact same reaction on our end? And by doing so changing our orbit or axial tilt???
  14. and by doing so cause global panic, mayhem fighting, looting etc. while the other option: one day... oh my look at that, an unforeseen solar eclipse..... euh... it's getting mighty dark here.... and then... BLAM!
  15. i pretty much like all Sci-Fi that has real deep layers of history, science, theory, etc. and speaks to me example Terminator theorize about the whole time travel and its paradoxes and tech. singularity or Star Wars, the way that even the smallest of characters or references to planets or battles have more depth and history then some entire movies.
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