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  1. An eight party hack-and-slash beatdown simulator? ...Downloading NOW! That sounds awesome, thanks for the heads-up Ross. I think this is the first Game Dungeon game that I've actually wanted to play. (Not that that's any sort of criticism, that's doesn't really seem to be the POINT of Game Dungeon.)
  2. *glances nervously up at the forum discussion* So, uh... yeah... I like your Game Dungeon stuff. Interesting points, interesting games, interesting rants, and interesting ...discussions... *cough*. Good episode, I hope to see more. As a side note: I appreciate your high bar for quality, all of your stuff is really good for the resources you have
  3. I'm curious to know what "more news coming this month" means... Guess I'll find out
  4. Very nice, I quite liked the air traffic control bits
  5. The guns sounds I like, (and the Tank sounds are awesome, they have to stay, I agree) but the poison headcrab sound effect I didn't like, the sounds are supposed to be unique to the poison headcrabs, that's part of why I would freak out when I'd hear it while I was playing
  6. I like the new gun sounds, but I agree with what was said earlier, the poison headcrab sound effect seems wrong.
  7. Unfortunate, but I'm thinking in this case things could have been much worse than they are, so that's good.
  8. Interesting stuff, thanks for the updates.
  9. I don't think it's necessarily a reflection of Machinima as a whole, but I will say that the contract I've been shown in its current form strikes me as "evil." There's way more stuff in there that's been added than there was in the past, you can't attribute that to being overworked, it took more effort to add that. Oh well that's comforting. Nice to know they're just misunderstood.
  10. 1 Direction Lost in the desert or lost in the arctic?
  11. Let's hope not. I kinda get the feeling Ross wouldn't agree to that and it'd drag things out even more.
  12. RvB has gone a few interesting directions of late. I've no way to quantify their overall reach, but I've a feeling that they could catch up to Machinima at some point. More recently they've being doing other things than comedy. Like RWBY (well I'm assuming, the trailer seems to suggest that). But more to the point, if Ross can release some of the stuff to get them to pay more attention to him, then I say he should do it. The key being, of course, that those actions will not cause further harm down the road.
  13. RT is probably the best way you could go. Your feelings about their quality aside, they have a reputation for being fairly benevolent. Let's go drop tons of *subtle* hints.
  14. Hmm... I can see it. Totally has my smile. Dammit, I need some facial hair.
  15. Unfortunately, as awesome as that would be, I don't have one. I do have a couple of star wars shirts, as well as the left 4 dead shirt that makes up my avatar.
  16. Me... about two days ago. My sister was doing something for her photography class and wanted some pics of me. She must have taken 20+ photos and this was the only one that came out ok.
  17. Good luck with the Source problem. After all, whenever Valve fixes something, they break something else.
  18. You know, sometimes I feel we shouldn't look at that bar. It makes the wait longer. Too bad that means I'd have to stop myself from looking at it. I have no such willpower.
  19. Huh, well... If you in Shephard's quote, I will laugh my ass off.
  20. The Demented Cartoon Movie. Now that's random. And well named. Names are important, y'know.
  21. Empty thy cache. As for this mystery episode...maybe it's something he's doing for Civil Protection. Indeed, it doesn't say what it is about. So maybe this topic shouldn't be in the Freeman's Mind section at all. Any mod care to move this thread? Thanks in advance. Ooh, getting technical on us, are we? The progress bars indicate a Freeman's Mind-like set up. So it's a pretty safe bet that it is Freeman's Mind. BUT I guess I don't KNOW, so...
  22. Is it not 35? It's a mystery...
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