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  1. Havok strictly runs using the CPU. PhysX can use both CPU & GPU, depending on the developer of the application. Using PhysX 8-9 times out of 10, if you run any type of physics (benchmarks, etc) the GPU will have much more fluidity and runs less choppier than if you used the CPU. As for reasons of this, some say game developers use engines that intentionally require you to have a GPU, or w/e. AMD also accuses Nvidia of limiting PhysX on multi-core computers, relying only on the GPU to perform work rather than using individual threads on Quad Cores processors. But the blame/accusation of Nvidia is without merit. It is up to the game developers' discretion on what the thread control is used by. So the developers can optimize their games to (in the best performance) use thread control in quad cores. Many AMD users do complain, since Nvidia's PhysX will not run on their GPUs (without some tampering). HavokFX (Havok's verison of Physics running on the GPU) was created, but never implemented. PhysX dominates alot of the game market on the PC back in 2006-2010, with the last great games including Mafia II and Metro 2033.
  2. CPU: Intel i7 920 (OCed to 3.4 Ghz) CPU Cooler: Coolermaster V8 Mobo: Asus P6T Deluxe V2 (With U3S6 add-on card) Memory: 6GB Corsair Dominators DDR3-1600 Graphic Card:Evga Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 Primary Hard Drive: 1TB WD Caviar Black Secondary Hard Drive: 1.5 TB WD Caviar Green PSU: Seasonic X750 Gold Sound Card: Auzentech X-Fi Forte (Currently in RMA after two years) Case: Coolermaster HaF 932 (I miss the Stackers) Speakers: Creative Gigaworks T40 SII Mouse: Logitech G500 Monitor: NEC Multisync 20WMGX2 (currently looking for a viable replacement) Windows 7 64-Bit Two years and going strong, except for the audio card :-/ Had my monitor for about 5 years, starting to display weird colors when stressed (overheating) My last great pc before this? It was an AMD Athlon XP 3400+, which had a Geforce FX 5700 Ultra (later an X1950 pro, then that died and with AGP down on the dumps, I managed to get my hands on a 7600GT) Before that? AMD K6-2 with a Matrox G400. Before that? I can't go back that far..
  3. Following Tom's Hardware (one of the only reviews I actually trust, considering I used to work for them XD) The 590 and the 6990 have some differences. The 6990 does do better at some games and at much higher res than Nvidia. But the fan is very loud, and there isn't any perks of CUDA (for video converting and some other neat things) (AMD actually stole Nvidia's CUDA guy away from them last year hehe-- who helped create the AMD's APUs) As for models such as the 5870 ( I would only compared them to the 400 series as both were Directx 11 cards and in their generation). The 400 series for Nvidia was a vast disappointment (to say the very least). But unless I am on a budget I prefer Nvidia and still will until something really bad happens, like Seagate's hard drive quality (the last few years).
  4. Intel > AMD (Always.. ever since Intel came out with the dual cores, its been top flight ever since) Nvidia > AMD (in the tip top market~) AMD cannot beat Intel, Nvidia in the enthusiasts markets, but they keep their competitive edge, releasing the first 6 Core Processor, and APU for the consumer market. They also beat Intel & nvidia in Price per performance. I rock the Intel & Nvidia because I have the money to XD Never liked ATi (radeon graphics for that matter)~ My first ATi graphic card was the Rage 128 pro. Damn card crashed on almost every game I played (Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Quake, Hexen). Switched to a Matrox G400 and all is well. If you compare video cards model per model with the AMD (ATi) verisons, most of the nvidia cards perform better (I say most, because some AMD models do perform better).
  5. Yeah but don't tend to over think it. The only reality I believe in is science. Everything else is... ugh. God was created by man, NO, God created MAN, etc.. But you can't change reality: Sure raising a child may set a gender identity (raising a boy as a girl~ vice-versa and see what sexual preference does he or she chooses?) and so on, but in the case of David Reimer, it didn't go so well. So would David be considered a lesbian if he was actually born a baby girl? Ah Transgenders: Transgender is strange (why change who you are? Its not like you'll be the same, the genetic makeup is completely different) and it complicates things. Very deceiving as well, hehe. Must it really be so important to spend a large amount of money to change your sex, then get prescribed hormone pills to fake your body into changing? All in all it is purely appearance that somewhat puts this individual in a pleasing state of mind? Guess they don't want to get judged or be discriminated about being gay (if its the latter, then an intolerant society is to blame). Wouldn't just be cheaper and healthy to wear a wig and some mascara?
  6. Bisexuals are an interesting topic, and can't be generally explained (at least by what I said about homosexuals~they are even more special...). Whats interesting about humans is that we all have mostly independent mindsets. Some believe in Scientology, others live like the Amish, etc. Science doesn't explain those preference of religion. And there really is no point in funding anything to find out a reason behind a certain individual's preference or taste (Why do you like Rap music? I hate rap music. Why do you hate rap music?). Science has not explained bisexuality as well either. (actually there was a study funded that shown bisexuals lied about their sexuality ~ they were only attracted to one gender during tests~ this study was done on men only--ah but studies can be wrong.) But to be honest I have not encountered any bisexual men, at least to my knowledge. Does bisexuality prove that once and for all that sexuality is a preference and not something you are born with? Who knows? One thing I do know is that as I get older, all I know is alot of people are gullible and ignorant. There is no point in conversing with them. Hehe Don't know what you are going on about there. I wasn't being very serious. (unless you don't know whats a circle jerk XD) Generally isn't seeking intimate relations with the same sex the definition of homosexual? Once you hit that intimate level, you are who you are. Not all women love shopping, or are extremely talkative, and some men do love shopping and are extremely talkative, but that doesn't make them homosexual (no general rationalizations or stereotypes here). What makes them homosexual is the intimate feelings they feel towards one of the same sex (very board and simple, that is a clear definition). Don't tell me there is another reason why a homosexual person is homosexual... hehe. But my way of women trapped in men's bodies and men trapped in women's bodies is quite a simple logic, at least in terms of their "normal" sexual preferences. And if I had to say will its a female trapped in a male, who's trapped into a female.. well, that just leads to confusion.
  7. Whats a circle jerk? hahaha... I have no problems with homosexuals; they are just women in men's bodies.. erm.. men in women's bodies.. or something like that...
  8. Abortion is only used in the means of extreme circumstances (such as mother's poor health, etc). It should not be used haphazardly like doctors with antibiotics and etc. Once a famous doctor, now a collegiate speaker said, "The mother's life supersedes the life of her unborn child." So pro-choice is the way to go, and only under certain circumstances. There are pills, condoms, mace, and handguns for the other things.
  9. Can't be mainstream when I've never heard of it. Because I usually can't stand rap. The style itself makes me cringe. But all power to you, if you like it. Yeah I understand. I feel the same way with Screamo.
  10. Rap ~ DJ Quik, Suga Free, Mac Dre, Z-Ro, N.A.S.A., Devin the Dude, 3x Krazy, etc (none of that mainstream crap). G-Funk baby!
  11. Your processes look good. I'm sure you don't run Paint when you are gaming? hehe
  12. The 5770 is about $40 more than the 5670, for only a minimal performance increase... And if you're bumping up to that price range, should go for a GTX 465 that has double the performance of a 5770. Not to correct you, but the 5770 HD does give a large increase on performance (~30%-58%) over the 5670 HD (at high resolutions). Problem is that the performance increase comes with more heat and power consumption as well. The 5670 HD is ideal for a HTPC-type; and if you don't game all too much (used to play HD video, movies, music, and has a lower profile). Lower power consumption, and lower heat is much better in those OEM desktops.
  13. I edited my former post to include Nvidia. ATi Radeon HD 4850+s, HD 5770+s; The HD 6500s and 6600s (Turks) are released (but they are only limited to OEM manufacturers as of now, not for retail) With upgrading your graphic card, another problem arises; what is your power supply? (how much power does it supply~ in total (Watts) and on the 12V rail (in Amps)) Whats your budget?
  14. You have an integrated graphics card. The 9100 is the lowest tier of the Nvidia 9000s series. So it's not known for its graphic processing (not suitable for gaming). The System Requirements Program Test is wrong, the Geforce 9100 is not faster than a Nvidia GeForce 6800. If you have a PCIE slot open (go out get an actual Graphic Card, and install it into ur PC). Any dedicated card, Geforce 9600GT+, 250GTS or higher, 450 GTS or higher, 560 Ti or higher (would all work, no choppiness whatsoever; and you would be able to play at your native resolution). ATi cards have better performance over price, so you can look at them for an option.
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