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  1. this looks pretty cool, i'd be down to be an actor or something, just to help with the filming, i always wanted to make a machinima but my computer is too sucky
  2. this also explains why he doesn't use the health packs or the hev batteries because he never got to that part of the course
  3. aye, the world is already overpopulated, and we make that even better by paving over the best farmland on earth by putting our houses there
  4. it'll probably be something really random, could be from half life 2 or maybe some mario game as a joke lol
  5. this is random, but smart guy i'm from kharkov lol but i live in canada now
  6. who the F*** is ross scoot
  7. freeman's mind is the original, its the greatest and it can be never surpassed, shephard's mind, however is pretty good too, barney's is meh at first, and he picks it up after that, i've also watched felix's mind, and it's pretty good, but i don't really know what to call it, because it's pretty random lol
  8. matters on game for shooters i want good teamplay (no cod) and realism (only in some i love tf2) obviously good story i rpg's and things like that and gameplay in sports games
  9. tf2 but only mods like zf ph or db killzone 3 but i wish i wasnt, anyone who was a fan of kz2 or 1 would know how much of a letdown this game is nhl 10
  10. in episode 27 when he pretends to be a pirate he goes to the pop machine and says "and what do we have here? an anti scurvy machine?"
  11. 1. Killzone 1 and 2 2. Every Half-Life 3. C&C Renegade 4. C&C Red Alert 2 (and Yuri's Revenge) 5. Team Fortress 1 and 2
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