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  1. I just had this crazy idea! Instead of two people playing video games....what if you had two combine officers talking about weird stuff and getting themselves in some crazy situations? We can call this series Civil Protection! I can already see it being a hit heh.
  2. Sn1pe


    There is definitely a lot of interest my boy, Ross will get back to Civil Protection in no time! I've only been emailing him about it for 2 years now, another 2 years couldn't hurt eh?
  3. Pretty much this. Ross' time is extremely limited and I can understand why it seems rushed but of course it can be updated at any time so there's nothing to really worry about, on top of that, Valve is extremely slow with updating the DOTA 2 client anyway so it'll be a while even if it does get accepted.
  4. He can always update them any time even after it gets in.
  5. Well I already did tell you that I'm willing to do all the animation work for you in the last email I sent you, I'm not sure if the 2nd email I sent to you afterwards got through but just making it clear that I'd be willing to do every single animation task and would rather just focus on the animation/choreography parts of things for civil protection.
  6. Been playing this game for a while, extremely silly and too easy for me now that I've learned it's extremely abusive and unbalanced secrets. have almost every champion so if you want to see me in my feeding glory in this monstrosity add my user Sn1pe56
  7. Don't be preposterous. Of course it would be difficult. If The Tunnel took 5 years to make then this 90 minute episode will take approximately 25 years, it's not impossible so be on the lookout 25 years from now!
  8. pls make new episod of civilian protectison write now
  9. I actually haven't used demo smoother much but that's only for camera override right? You can try using 3ds max to import the map's base geometry and animating a camera *this is used in game as an attachment and is easier than it sounds, it'll just involve some trial and error related to the timing of the scenes but nothing too difficult* I could do this for you, I haven't been on AIM in a while but I'm always here to help with anything.
  10. Only 3 more years 11 months 3 weeks and 5 days remaining!
  11. This must be an early April fools, 4 more years I dare say!
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