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  1. Anyone else play? If you do we should play some time my Summoner name is XxXDeagleXxX. Anyone may want to play it heres a to game play and heres a link to signup
  2. Guys, Half Life changed the FPS playing field when Valve made a game where you had COMPLETE control of the character at ALL times. That is what made Half Life different from all the other games like Duke Nukem where you had cut scenes explain the story to you and this just doesn't look like complete control thus making Half Life just like the others.
  3. Yeah HD models don't go with the rest of the game looking like it used to.
  4. All we have to do is wait for machinima -.-. Knowing them since Ep. 34 just got released it will be a while before the mystery episode is released.
  5. I always wondered how he killed so fast. Now I know.
  6. I ban you for not being able to find a reason for the other persons ban. EDIT: OH NO NO ONE IS ABOVE ME!!
  7. All I have to say is, why such a buzz kill just watch it if you like it don't watch it if you don't like it.
  8. I have used chrome for a while its awesome, as is this app.
  9. All this speculation. There is definitely something fishy going on. Also, Ross is probably reading all of this laughing because were wrong lol.
  10. I found it watching half life in half an hour commentaries .
  11. Led Zep - Dazed and Confused. 27 min version on a documentary i am watching ^_^
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