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  1. The obviously know the censors that run ESRB, and the censors are fans of the game... Or they talked to the company and strictly followed the guidelines to getting an M...
  2. They actually shot specifically for an M rating and worked very closely with the ESRB to get every warning it has.
  3. Sans consoles, for the next 3-5 years. I'd bet the consoles are also the biggest chuck of the pie, as well. Mind you, I didn't look at any sales figures as I am too tired right now, but figured I'd point out my two cents.
  4. I'm really thinking that the design of this game is so fifteen years ago, and that's great. 98's when games like Half-Life (where you'd go from lab to canyon to military facility to alien world) and Jedi Knight (where you'd start in some bar, run around some dingy city in the first level, end up in a sewer in the next, make your way to a really big house, end up in a ravine, go to some crazy city, end up on a space ship) or Jedi Outcast, where you'd have the same variety, or even Aliens vs Predator (you'd start off on a military base, end up running around a town where everyone's been killed, end up going to some ship and end up at the Queen's hive in the end) were very good, movie-based/sci-fi based FPSs. And it's fantastic, as most games during that time and shortly after were very "realism" and "military" based, where you'd end up with what became the current iterations of the Call of Duty franchise. Yes, feeling this was very call of dutyitised, with how the levels are structured (as in you can choose any one at any givin time and they're rather bitesized), the regenerating health (which, having played both of these on the hardest dificulty IS ACTUALLY REALLY HARD) and the two weapons (it made no sense, as I really want to have my pistol, rocket launcher and shotgun ready at any givin moment, but now i have to find one and switch and then switch back to keep carrying the pistol and shotgun ) seems to arbitrary, it's like "K, we'll design a late 90's game" "k, sweet" "oh it's 2011 and we need to make this more mondernized" "oh noes!" "halo and cod do regenerating health and two weapons" "k, sweet no one will notice!" is what must have gone through the designers heads, then throwing weapons around in spacific locations, and at that point, not just for ammo like the old games of yonder, even though that's what they'd designed it towards.
  5. Got to the queen before I quit playing for tonight. A few days ago I played a bit of the PC version up until half way through the hive, then got the 360 collectors today. The first thing I did before playing it this weekend was to see if it was anything like the trailers that have been released for it, and yes, besides the complete change in scenery, it is pretty well the same game and same idea they were going for back then. Thing is? it has not aged. Sure, they brought it through four different engines, and the game came out ten years after that look at the game in the unreal or quake engine, but the level design and story elements are very post quake 2 and new millennium. This does not hamper the game if you do not really mind playing through something that, but if you expected, as most people seemed to be hoping for, the same kind of innovation what Duke Nukem 3d brought to the table as most people who critically look at video games regularly as they freely come across their desk, paid for by the company that has them show the readers of its website what their critical opinion of how good a game is seem to have expected, they are and will be sorely disappointed. No one knew what this game was going to be like, and now that it is here it turned out to be a game that obviously had hundreds of different people work on it at four different companies. The levels as far as I have seen take constant cues from the enemies of Doom 3, Half-Life (because a lot of them are less Duke 3d then they were in Duke 3d..) as well as the level design of Half-Life 2, Perfect Dark, Prey, Alien Vs Predator and the like. I can say the 360 version is perfectly fine. My PC can run the game completely maxed out and looks very unreal engine 3ish, with all the shitty lighting and graphical blandness that the engine brings, while my 360 runs it on about medium and a few textures popping here in here and there. I forsook the better graphics of my ps3 in order to have a better controller and achievement points. I consider all 3 versions to really be at par having played the PS3 demo as well. All I can say is that my friend in 2005 asked me how psyched I am for this game, then asked if I had saw the latest trailer, I said no, then proceeded to watch it. He then told how awesome it was that Duke actually presses the buttons (This happens to be the video you linked, Ross). First thing I did was feel jarred at how Duke could not even be bothered to do that in the final product, as if he was wearing Gordan Freeman's suit and could magically push buttons and open things. When reading reviews and as I progress through the game I keep thinking of the song "It's all be done before - BareNaked Ladies"
  6. To me, it seems games considered "multiplayer" as in people will buy it, because they can play it with their friends kind of multiplayer will cost you around full price for a long time to come. 1080 avalanche, Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Smash Bros Melee/Brawl, Super Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Little Big Planet (until Sony brought it to their discount line) and Little Big Planet 2 are all games that I have payed attention to growing up and fit what I am trying to explain.
  7. Heh. One should NEVER want to do anything like that, an external computer (perferabley a server on another connection, or at the very least another computer is the real way to get anything worthwhile.) It's funny that one can't log into two accounts and launch the dedicated server, silly and poor use of Steam. Most of the dedicated servers for most of Steam's games can actually be downloaded to any steam account, so I just have a second one running on a laptop, personally. Great game so far though. I can see why it'd be widely panned, however Duke 3d wasn't 100 according to them before anyway. Just depends on how you're going into it.
  8. I'm playing this game right now. I was expecting Heavy Rain, but it's much more than that I've found. I haven't (and should at some point) watch the kinds of movies the game is based off of. I find it crazy how it looks so much different in colour than black and white. The amount of work put into each person in the game is just phenomenal, from what they did to get the amount of facial animation each character has to the amount of talent have portraying the characters. Currently I can't say much about the story, but it seems pretty cool, even if it is a really short amount of time as Cole goes up the ranks.
  9. Any idea behind Valve releasing more information, being the company they are, is just silly. If they were to show off new tech demos or something, that would be the only worth while thing, I think, considering how they'd just end up making people try to push them towards something they won't make the release date for. Or, I could be wrong. Either way, you should read the Final Hours of Portal 2.
  10. It's the way the industry has changed. I've been playing my Genesis since 1994. I had a PC in 98, 99 or so I started using the internet regularly as well as connecting via IP/modem to my friend in a star wars game. My perspective is it's the industry as a whole. Once games started being able to be played regularly online, with internet becoming better and better, and more available to people being able to play next to everything with other people on servers instead of just following the story lines laid out for them to interact with, they started doing that. Everything proceeded to copy each other, then build on specific mechanics laid out by the game before it to see which does best. In my memory Everquest led to Blizzard being all "WE HAVE THIS WARCRAFT THING WE CAN DO THAT WITH while Infinity Ward built upon what they had done with Medal of Honor, making Call of Duty, the sequel having the multiplayer you now see today (with upgrades and perks to the weapons as of COD 4).. It's the industry, and the nature of it is to get money, interaction is what people are paying for. If most people still didn't have the internet (or just bad internet), heh, you just might have the single player experiences you hope for. Oh, and does me using cheats give me an unfair advantage over the AI? ;P Have any of you even beat Doom 2 without cheating?
  11. Noticed the card too, betcha a dime to a nickel that it's the 7th. I think retail games always come out internationally on fridays, but in America it's next to always a Tuesday. Then there's Steam. But, y'know.
  12. Demo's out June 3rd! I cannot waaaait!
  13. Alein(s?) VS Predator/2 Dark Forces/2: Jedi Knight/Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy
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