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  1. The answer is not mine, but from TotalBiscuit himself who wrote a post earlier today regarding encoding and file sizes: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/nh4vr9 I found it very informative for those who are curious and it could help you His youtube channel so you see the quality he aims for: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy1Ms_5qBTawC-k7PVjHXKQ
  2. Anyway, Ross, I think you and/or your sound editor forgot to replace the mp5 sound between 7:15 and 7:19 aprox. otherwise great job, it really feels amazing with the new sound effects, specially the revolver
  3. Darkorth


    If there's any water on the card, it turning into ice would make things worse D;
  4. Darkorth


    Hi there, So, you did spill some water on your computer?, i've seen worse, I've once repaired one that had dead rats in it (never knew how did the rat get in there) but you did the right thing, cut the power from the system before any circuit shorts. If the circuit breakers didn't break the circuit automatically then the system never touched water before you cut the power, so technically if you dry it fast it should work. Anyway make sure no moist is left on any metallic part because it may cause rust and that would affect mostly connectors on the motherboard (you can use a hairdryer on lowest temperature or from far away to make sure heat doesn't damage it either) Hopoe it's any help Bye
  5. Well a friend of mine had amnesia derived from a servere head trauma (he fell from a palm) and had that whole day forgotten for (almost exatly) a year, and some day he woke up in the moring and remembered the whole day as if it was yesterday, so...
  6. huh? mine works at "superspeed 5", which is about 3,5x lightspeed. Maybe you got a very outdated teleporter if it only works at lightspeed? Seriously, since teleporters like in half life don't exist yet you cant really say how they work. And as Descriptor explained, Xen is a borderworld betweet the dimensions/universes. Maybe it isn't far away but right here, just in a different (border) dimension. Well, In the event that teleporters existed they would work more or less like this: Pic taken from http://www.lapizarradeyuri.com/2011/05/26/la-casi-maquina-del-tiempo-del-dr-krasnikov-con-entrevista-al-dr-krasnikov/ (its in spanish but the pic speaks for itself) To explain it easily would be like if you "fold" the spacetime (like if it was a cloth) and you pierce a hole to the other side of the spacetime, the region where there is no "cloth" would be xen in the hl world and to put an easy example the other side of the cloth woud be the other dimension, knowing that the hole (wormhole, if you look for the theory) could go anywhere, anytime and probably to other dimensions, this would mean that for the traveller the speed of light will never be reached, but for an external observer the speed will be faster than light since the traveller is moving from A to B within the time it takes to get across the tunnel and not the time it would take across the spacetime
  7. Way to miss "I`m so proud of you" in the "I`m so proud of you" thread, I`m so proud of you ( )
  8. I guess Simba works for the creepy cat EDIT: (Fixed the "fot" typo)
  9. http://woohooligan.com/comics/98 Just found it surfing through the comic, enjoy
  10. Lol I just saw this in youtube comments and I came here to post it ASAP
  11. I think he says "I chase white dwarf's orbits, you think I can't find you?" I suppose that he means the stars :/
  12. Freeman also said that his face looked as a cutting board because of the headcrabs, so not invulnerable at all
  13. I think that he did so, because when you enter that area the MG will break the box he was covering behind, so he brought the barney so the mg didn't point to him.
  14. At least it's not taking 1+ years until done
  15. I think that what would be ok for the wall of fame would be that if someone donates, after the donation, he gets some code from paypal or something, and if he wants to go to the wall he has to pm you (or a mod or someone else) with the real name, that code, and the nickname he wants to be shown, this way if someone doesn't want to be shown he only donates and you don't have to worry, and if someone wants to be there then he has to care to inform you and you dont have to go around figuring out nicknames matching emails with user accounts
  16. The Magazine thing: Well i'm not talking about actual hits, but the whole shots you need to get 3 in someones chest (accuracy is badly nerfed) About the blackout, while you're right, I think your last priority is injecting yourself morphine if you are still under enemy fire, but if there where medics to heal people in CS that would be cool
  17. 36. If you haven't read Moby Dick, you think it ends saying: "CALL ME ISHMAEL, BITCH!" to the dead whale
  18. You forgot to email the images for the episode pages again... LOL. LULZ!!! Nah... Just joking Ross I like the episodes pages the way they are, we just need to fox the broken links and add stuff Man, "fox" it right nao!! (LOL)
  19. Counter Strike isn't that realistic, i mean, no professional Counter terrorist team goes around shooting from the waist truckloads of shots around, and no way you need a full mag in the chest of any man to get him dead, even with kelvar I'm not talking about SWAT 'cause i haven't played it, but most games kill realism because if it was real you wouldn't have a chance agains a "pro" because a shot would render you unable to respond (if you get shot the pain would blind you for enough minutes to get you definitely killed, also if you get shot in a leg you won't be wandering around dragging your leg)
  20. Moreover, always, when machinima get their hands on the vid, they don't even care if it gets darkened, or looses quality, even with all the time they take to edit+upload
  21. I've always been thinking that the suit had servomotors to help the user lifting the suit itself and heavy weights, and the mp5 accuracy comes for balancing, if it had more than a glock, at higher rate of fire, and a realistic power (that would need no more than 3 shots to kill anything smaller than a human) it would make the game unplayable (remember all the marines have mp5, and shotguns which IRL can split an adult man in two from short distances)
  22. I'd love a T-shirt with ambassador pinapple, also if someone donates, give'em a tag, it's the less risky of all ideas, premium access will make trouble with machinima for sure, and you don't want ppl ranting about your pace making videos because they paid for it
  23. Otra vez, no quiero entrar en ningun debate dialectal, pero como ya he mencionado, se pueden hacer 2 versiones, por que en suramerica os reís con unos subtitulos que muchas veces yo ni entiendo, creo que Joss tiene razon, solo que no es necesario hacer subtitulos para cada pais, sino más por proximidad, ya que como por ejemplo es mi caso, yo al no estar en contacto ni con mexicanos ni chilenos ni ningun suramericano no estoy acostumbrado al lenguaje que usan, pero uds al estar mas cerca tienen más posibilidades de coger los chistes (asi como a mí me costaría menos que a uds coger accento gallego/madrileño/andaluz sin problemas)
  24. I id the tracert of accursedfarms.com and I got this: C:\Users\someGuy>tracert accursedfarms.com Traza a la dirección accursedfarms.com [] sobre un máximo de 30 saltos: 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 48 ms 48 ms 49 ms rt-es-04.voztelecom.net [] 3 48 ms 48 ms 49 ms ge-9-1-5-0.mad-001-score-1-re1.interoute.net [89 .202.171.33] 4 66 ms 66 ms 65 ms ae3-0.par-gar-score-1-re0.interoute.net [89.202. 161.22] 5 * 71 ms 72 ms ae1-0.lon-004-score-1-re0.interoute.net [212.23. 42.22] 6 73 ms 73 ms 74 ms linx.bb-c.the.lon.gb.oneandone.net [ 8] 7 88 ms 89 ms 89 ms te-1-3.bb-c.bap.rhr.de.oneandone.net [212.227.12 0.49] 8 85 ms 85 ms 85 ms ae-4.bb-d.bs.kae.de.oneandone.net [ ] 9 84 ms 85 ms 85 ms ae-2.gw-dista-a.bs.ka.oneandone.net [212.227.121 .216] 10 84 ms 84 ms 84 ms vl-999.gw-ps10.bs.ka.oneandone.net [212.227.125. 12] 11 84 ms 84 ms 83 ms kundenserver.de [] Traza completa. kundenserver.de does not have a web page itself, but ekundenserver.de leads to a german hosting service :/ Maybe he only moved the hosting, again if you get HIS ip we would know 4 sure where he is
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