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  1. Cities: Skylines, I believe! http://store.steampowered.com/app/255710 Cheers!
  2. Congrats to the winners. What game is it in Zac Moores screenshot?
  3. Well, there is something we can do about it: Stop buying games from publishers like this! Business practices like full games chopped into DLC, underpaid, overworked developers or broken games on release, these will continue so long as profit keeps coming in regardless. To the publishers, there's no point in changing any of their practices since they get their money anyway. Usually the little outcry against them get silenced with some PR work or connection in gaming journalism quickly enough. And by the time the next game from them comes along marketing will have made sure enough people will buy it, again. So the easiest way to change this is to not buy their games! Resist the temptation to preorder or buy one release, wait a week or two, watch or read a review and see if the game turned out alright. And if not, it's better to pass it anyway, no? Once publishers realize they won't make enough profit anymore, they'll either change or get left behind by those who did. Frankly it's that simple. Of course, getting enough people to boycott entire publishers is another matter...
  4. Wow, I had to move the video to background because hearing your voice not in first person is just.. weird. Anyway, I'd like also to see more Freemans Mind, but I like your other works too, especially Game Dungeon, so I suppose I'll get by. Besides, your voice is godly whatever you do with it. Never lose it! Good luck with the movie!
  5. Awww, this was great ending to a long long journey. But now I'm sad it ended at all. Although since Freeman accepted the job offer (making it canon rather than the alternative ending), there is a tiny tiny hope we'll get more in the far future. Ah well, even if not, Game Dungeon is fun and there'll probably newer projects too. Yet Freeman's Mind was the reason I always came back here... Anyway, cheers! Thanks for years of chuckling!
  6. Loved watching it, especially since its three parts. But daaaaamn. I think I lost a few IQ points along the way.. Thanks for all the hard work though! Looking forward to some Freeman's Mind again.
  7. Oh god yes, thank you so much for reminding me of this games. I've been meaning to play it again for years, but couldn't remember the name. I played it as a child, had alot of fun blasting my way through everything that shot back. At least until I somehow became scared shitless by the game and I hid for a whole hour in some kind of hospital, occasionally killing a single enemy that ventured in to find and apprehend the massmurderer. At some point I finally got the courage and rushed out into dozens of enemies waiting behind the entrance. Never played the game again since... So thanks for that! Very entertaining episode too, just like all the others. Cheers!
  8. Thanks for making these at all. They were very enjoyable to watch, especially this one. From this episodes experience: If you ever make Let's Plays I'd probably watch those too. But I doubt you'll ever make something like those. Anyway, Freemans Mind next again, yay! Cheers!
  9. Don't worry, if you have ever eaten something that grew out of the ground, then theoretically you have eaten parts and bits from everyone who ever died on that patch of earth.
  10. Awesome episode. I especially liked the part with the 'Take your bullets back'-monolog. The shooting of the guard was suprising at first and a bit shocking, but Ross logic concerning the guard and the marine being together is kinda bulletproof... Still, now he can't say he did all the killing in self defence. As if anyone would have believed him anyways. Also, the echo effect of the initial shouting at the conveyer crusher-pit-thing is a great idea!
  11. Hard to choose one, I like many places in many games... But to name I think the oldest one: Skara Brae in Britannia from Ultima Online. A map of Britannia (because it is too big only the link): http://uo.stratics.com/content/atlas/maps/Grammap.jpg Got the same map still hanging in my bed room besides many other game maps.
  12. Interestingly, as a child I was always scared of the darkness. Took me some time to get over it. Now I know it was only the fear of the unknown but it still manifests in my dreams sometimes. Well, after playing this game, I had days where I couldn't walk around at night. Sleeping was no problem since I was 'save' in my room, but geez, I coudn't even go to the bath when I needed. I just waited until the sun got up again and ran for it.
  13. Somehow in that context: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/81657406/ I like that dumb woman. 'I am american!'
  14. 'Ich muss sagen Ihr Deutsch ist nicht so gut..... Aber kein Sorge, hier ist ThatSmartGuy mit der Antwort auf alle Probleme.' But might not be right too, I always was bad in any language anyway. Well, I only speak german and english, both pretty much equally bad and good. I would like to learn japanese, just to read raw manga or to understand animes. But I never got around to do it and so far only learned the few words you can pick up watching subbed anime. So, to all of you: BAKA!
  15. I like the space. It it so frigging big, far beyond anything we all together could imagine and the small bit we have 'seen' yet looks already interesting. Also I really hope there is 'intelligent' life somewhere out there. I've yet to find it on earth and I do hope that this life is not like us at all, if there is some of course. On another note, does someone know about Elenin? It is supposed to be a very large asteriod, some even say a brown dwarf or something like that, that will fly around the sun sometime later this year and will come quite close to earth on its way. There are so many stupid theories flying around it in my humble opinion though. For example, it is supposed to cause earthquakes everytime it lines up with other planets onto earth. Well, sometimes it was true, but mostly not as far as I know. Another one was that the supposed boom in bunker constructions all around the world indicates that the governments know about a possible catastrophic event in the near future which many attribute to such likes as Elenin... Or maybe they just expect a major war after the USD and EUR finally crash. Oh well, I drift away. Lets just hope it is another one of these 'Buhu, the world will go done, it is dangerous, take this! (It only costs a 100 bucks)'. Well, I do hope a useful spacetravel (I actually hate the rocket based one that is used so far) will be possible someday, probably not in any of our lifetime, but I do hope it may.
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