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  1. Been a fan since like, episode six or seven and every day before work I check for a new Freeman's Mind. Coming come like once a month and seeing a new episode is like Christmas. It so weird to level criticisms since this series inspires my own writing and even sense of humor to a certain extent. I just wanted to talk about the things I like seeing in this series. At the portal in the last episode, Freeman's getting hit with fire stuff, grunts at the pain but doesn't mention it. I always kind of liked the immersion factor when he talks about being hit by stuff. Just my two cents. My other thing is I hope the ending is climatic in some way! Just keep doing your shit Ross~!
  2. The guy who does the Arby n the Chief series had this exact same issue. His videos get about a fourth as much traffic as Freeman's Mind does and they didn't drop him, so I think you'll be safe Ross. From what I've heard they're just trying to smack people into releasing things on a regular schedule even if it kills them.
  3. I think it would be great for him to start the game still thinking he was in Black Mesa.
  4. Creating an episode isn't all that easy, I'd imagine. Especially when Freeman is encountering things like soulless corridors or soldiers to fight. I can't imagine that Ross can just make up something on the spot for every single situation ever and keep up an interesting flow of dialogue. It takes work to come up with funny lines, and in the meantime he's working on other projects as well. Have you ever had a friend try to a 'mind' thing while playing a FPS game around you? I have, and it was awful. It was basically them chattering an droning non-stop with nothing interesting ever being said. Let Ross take his time so he doesn't end up like that.
  5. As a regular 4chan user, I can speak for the site when I say not even we like anonymous. The anonymous presented here is little more than a bunch of kids from /b/ jumping on a bandwagon. This isn't about any real goal or progressive movement, it's just a bunch of bored kids trying to be part of something. The thing that irks me is that most people don't understand that 4chan is more than /b/, it's a site that has hosted -in my opinion- some absolutely incredible content with a fascinating culture that varies between all of the different boards. I hate how 4chan and anonymous are considered to be more or less the same thing, since only a very small minority of the site is on board with this.
  6. It's certainly less visually appealing than the Source engine, but it's the content of the video that counts. I'm kind of excited to see Ross able to do new things and take CP where it couldn't go before. Feels like there's pretty much limitless potential here since these videos aren't bound by the limitations of Source. I mean, the humor's still the same so I foresee only good things here. I still want more Freeman's Mind though.
  7. A crude cartoon full of plenty name-calling and the word 'faggot' isn't exactly the best way to promote a message. Plus -don't quote me on this- I remember Ross saying something about getting a lot more views under Machinima that what would happen if he operated alone. A couple day delay every now and then on the video que isn't worth rebelling against the system.
  8. I would like to think there was a reason, but machinima directors like Jon CJG are able to get 30 minute videos up the day they send them in. Now I'm just imagining Freeman saying, "Machinima.com, who knows what they're up to?"
  9. So it's all green now it looks like. How long do you guys estimate it'll take for us to see it now? For that matter, how long has 34 been green now? I lost track of the days.
  10. I was subscribed to Machinima and saw the 9th or so episode released. Thought, "Meh, I have time to kill, let's start at episode one..." It was in the middle of the night and my laughter woke everyone up. They thought I was insane.
  11. The suit can block bullets. The vortiguant electricity isn't enough to kill him, it just hurts really bad. The bullsquid's bile isn't acidic anymore, just disgusting. Houndeyes are just annoying, and the headcrabs aren't mounting his face. It's hard to say how he'll deal with the tank rounds though.
  12. Maybe it's something like a cross over between CP and FM. When Freeman goes through there the Citadel 'lights up' with Mike and Dave being in the center of everything. They discuss just how absurd one single person could get the Combine so riled up, and end up following the trail of bodies making guesses as to what's really going on. They'd then think that one of the Strider's went postal and that command isn't telling anyone because they want to keep it quiet or something. I don't know, I'm just making some wild mass guess.
  13. Shephard's Mind played a bit on the senselessness. I'm almost opposed to BM:S if it starts adding in sense, but I can't really judge without seeing it. I liked Adrian wondering if Black Mesa threw its employees in a dungeon if they screwed up. It WOULD explain the skeletons down there.
  14. With every joke or scenario, it's really hit or miss. I just consider the thing with a missile a miss and move on.
  15. Gotta say, Ross didn't really have all that much to work with there in that episode, but he did a great job with what the game presented. I remember him saying something in an interview about how hard it is to come up with consistently funny lines in parts of the game where Freeman is just wandering down empty corridors and stuff. Like someone else said, I like how he bypassed some of the platforming and other game obstacles and took what I would call the more 'realistic' approach. There wasn't any reason he couldn't climb that fence and ect. And thank you thank you thank you for not having the jumping and platforming interrupt the flow of the dialogue beyond just a quick gasp or inhale. It was exciting and sort of 'realistic' to see Freeman worried about getting his jumps right like 20 episodes ago, so it's cool to see he's not stuck on the same things. I love the comments on Black Mesa and Freeman's speculation on just what they're up to with their spending. Those are probably among some of my favorite lines.
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