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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth. tl;dr: If he's not speaking to someone or something, then it's usually his mind. But dialogue will happen if he's interacting with an NPC(Scientist, guard, etc...). That still leaves my query open: what about the movements he does when yelling, even when no one's around? Do YOU flail around like a madman for no reason apart than the demand of your inner monolouge? Because I usually don't...
  2. I'd like to point out that, besides the closing scene, there is only one G-Man sighting left. I find it highly unlikely that Gordon will figure out that something's up based soley on that.
  3. It gets even funnier when you factor in the fact that his movements reflect his dialogue; i.e when he's yelling he swivels his view around alot while standing still. But if it's just him thinking, does that mean he's standing there in the corridor flailing around like a psycho, but completely silent?
  4. I think you just pretty much wrote the next three seasons.
  5. Damn, I was close... Hmmm... "Helpless" is almost funnier, I think...
  6. Or better yet... Half-Life 2 missions in a Fallout-like environment!
  7. The "advert" for Black Mesa: "Come to Black Mesa! Here, you'll get a chance to fight freaks of nature, dodge countless safety hazards, wander aimlessly for hours, and die, scared, helpless, and alone!" I may not have gotten that verbatum, it's been awhile since I've seen the episode.
  8. We just passed the halfway point. We're starting chapter 10 of 18.
  9. Alright, everyone... (Puts on Nerd Glasses) Xen is a border world, not exactly a different universe, but more the fence between two universes... or, even better, the place where they mash together. Like, imagine two big islands of seaweed floating on the surface of the ocean. One is our universe, the other is the one on the other side of Xen, which I assume is where the Combine originate. Now imagine these two floats of seaweed drift into each other, and the edges smush together in a wierd, messy ridge of seaweed. That is Xen: the afterimage of two universes at the point where they collide. No water on Xen, you say? Nukular is right, there is certainly more to the border world then we've seen... for instance, Antlions live in the desert, ant we didn't see any deserts in Chapters 15-18 of Half-Life. As for Xen's physics, Xen consists of a cluster of thousands of planetoids of various sizes floating in a nebula. We have never encountered anything like this in real life, so who knows how the fuck it works. (Takes off glasses) But, you know, that's all lame and shit.
  10. Note to self: new idea for a band name...
  11. Mostly, I haven't really figured out how gradually I want it to be though. I wouldn't take too long if it were me; it may start to get dull after 2-3 episodes, and there will be other stories to move on with around that time. Still, I like the amnesia idea, and that it will take several eps; something as important to the plot as the captured part needs repercussions. Being a writer myself, I know this: any event in a story that stands out needs to have a lasting echo, to change the game in some way.
  12. In Half-Life, scientist NPCs act as squad medics; by going up to them and holding action, you get them to inject you with a syringe full of something luminous and green which heals you. Creepy as fuck, not to mention totally nonsensical.
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