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  1. As I said, Valve had nothing to do with the expansions, Gearbox was tasked with making them, hence why you don't see any of the Gearbox stuff in HL2. Well you see Barney...
  2. Pinkerton

    What if Erik Wolpaw helped write Freeman's Mind

    Well then. What if ? What if dinosaurs were still alive ? What if you had something to post ?
  3. Pinkerton


    Unless you're a terminator. True, but we're talking about shipping... I'm pretty sure he has a right to use Amazon like all humanoid android.
  4. Pinkerton

    Worst Game You Know

    Yes, but will it blend ? That is the question. I bet it'd be smoky, though.
  5. Pinkerton

    Worst Game You Know

    Yes, but will it blend ?
  6. Pinkerton

    That game you hate that everyone else loves.

    Yeah, that too.
  7. Pinkerton

    That game you hate that everyone else loves.

    Well, with the advanced maps there is hours of more fun. And the internet is filled with custom maps and mods. And believe me or not, some are very good, like this one http://portalmaps.wecreatestuff.com
  8. Pinkerton

    That game that only You Like

    Lands of Lore Lost Eden Baldur's Gate But that's mostly because of nostalgia. Man, being a child was awesome, I could really immerse into those video games. Just pure fun.
  9. Pinkerton

    That game you hate that everyone else loves.

    Saying the first Pokemon games are bad is like saying the first Star Wars movies are bad. It just makes no sense. ;D
  10. Pinkerton

    Half Life HD

    You can download it on Steam. I use it. Click this link steam://installaddon/halflifehd whith Steam running.
  11. Pinkerton

    Freeman's Mind - Episode 34

  12. So I just finished translating Ep 33. I hope I didn't forget any mistake. You're welcome to check it. There's some thing I'm not sure of: 99 00:04:33,942 --> 00:04:39,346 Why would you have two sets of ENORMOUS pistons slamming into each other like that? that I translated in 99 00:04:33,942 --> 00:04:39,346 Pourquoi avoir deux ÉNORMES pistons se claquer comme ça ? but I wasn't sure about how to translate "slamming". Any help is appraciated Edit: j'ai corrigé, merci Altom.
  13. Pinkerton

    Freeman's Mind - Episode 34

    Merci de tes remarques, elles sont très utiles J'en ai appliqué quelques unes. J'ai enlevé les onomatopées, c'est vrai qu'au final c'est pas très utile, et je doute qu'il y ait des malentendants français qui regardent Freeman's Mind. J'ai aussi corrigé les fautes, et remplacer quelques phrases.
  14. Hello, I just translated the Episode 34. I think it's good, but maybe someone should double check to see if there is no mistakes. I study English at university and translating Freeman's Mind in french is kind of a good practice, so I think I'll do some more episode later if you think this one is any good (hope there are french viewers here).

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