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  1. I don't know. I think I'd be more comfortable if we ran a few more tests. I'll get the explosives. and ill get the crowbar
  2. Well spotted Chuck. I usually have good grammar too but I did that late at night so, yeah I was tired.
  3. Hi, i was wondering if someone could make a new freemans mind torrent, i know people have made them in the past but there all outdated and have no seeds if someone could i would be very grateful, thanks.
  4. i agree it would be the best way to finish FM. (unless, of course he does hl2)
  5. it is upto ross but i think he would still do it if there was still an intrest in FM. plus hl2 is a much longer game so who knows if hes up for it?
  6. the reaction to the Nihilanth. his reaction will be epic
  7. hmmm maybe... not sure though. maybe it just took longer than he thought
  8. didn't he say that 2 or three FM episodes would be uploaded this month? it doesn't seem likely.
  9. wait... isn't the progress bar full now? except those tiny little sections so shouldn't the video be up soon?
  10. my favourite quote is on ep 39 when he says "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice... everyone DIES!
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