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  1. "Fucking road runner zombies, man! The other ones were annoying, but these clock in at like forty k-p-h! How the hell do they even run that fast? They don't have any muscle mass! They look like they were bred in a lab, then dipped in vats of acid before being released into the wild. You know, I have to respect what seems to be the evolutionary process here. I mean, just look at the old ones. They have those huge claws, so they're clearly supposed to be predators, but they're also slow, clumsy, and make a lot of noise, which makes them really shitty hunters. When you look at it that way, it actually makes sense that they'd die out, and either the species goes extinct or they're forced to evolve into something that's better suited for survival. But the thing is that should take thousands or millions of years! I was supposed to be dead before these things evolved to the point of being a threat! This is just another example of how reality is fucking with me; even evolution is moving faster than it should just so the universe has a better chance at killing me." Wait could you do what Freeman's reaction would be to seeing the Vortigaunt for the first time in the train with the rebel, and it's like.... "Let my friend give you a jolt."
  2. From what was seen in game, City 17 operates more like Poland under Soviet/Nazi occupation than Oceania. So then maybe he should say... "Oh shit... maybe the Soviet paratroopers really did land."
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HTsoWMa-EQ SLAYER and Godsmack is the soundtrack of Freeman's Mind.
  4. Slayer.... Pantera.... But does anyone here listen to Godsmack? SLAYER and Godsmack is the soundtrack of Freeman's Mind....
  5. Half-Life 1 on the PS2.... I then upgraded to the PC. Now I play Black Mesa, The Orange Box, and Gmod!
  6. Metro-Police: Pick up that can. Gordon Freeman: Fascist! You pick up that can! Metro-Police: Pick it up and put it in the trash can. *Picks up can and throws it at Metro-Cops head.* Gordon Freeman: Hahaha! Come and get me fascist! I think he'd probably call the Combine fascists or communists. Also... Vortigaunt: It is the FREEEEMAAAN isn't it? Gordon Freeman: I remember you bastards from Black Mesa and from that planet.... That's it! I'm not getting ZAPPED ANYMORE!!!! *pulls out Pistol and starts shooting at it* DIE DIE DIE DIE!!! *kills Vortigaunt* Also there should be references to 1984 as in the book... not the actual year. Thought Police...
  7. Dear Ross Scott... Please make Freeman's Mind 2 next! Though preferably you want to install a mod that lets you kill the Vortigaunts (given how Gordon is suffering from PTSD after being attacked by Vortigaunts). Also, what will you call the Combine? Fascists? Nazis? Communists?! Soviets?
  8. Off topic, I think Ross Scott sounds like Ashton Kutcher and Will Ferrell. Mainly Ashton Kutcher though. Anyway, I can't wait to hear Freeman when he encounters the Nihilanth! XD
  9. The funny thing is I just know that he's going to call the Combine, he's going to call them Fascists or Communists! I can imagine it so much it's making my belly hurt cause I'm laughing so hard.
  10. Civil Protection Officer: Pick up that can! Gordon Freeman: I'm not picking up that can, you pick it up. Civil Protection: Pick it up. Gordon Freeman: What is this? 1984? Civil Protection: Now put it in the trash can.... Gordon Freeman: Fascists! Communist Fascists! Communist Nazi Fascists! This is some fucked up country, I'm leaving..... the Soviet paratroopers did land while I was gone..... Wallace Breen: Welcome to City 17, where you have been chosen for Gordon Freeman: What is this? Communist heaven? This looks more like the Soviet Union than America. How long was I asleep? Did the Soviets win the Cold War?! AH! 1984!!!! There should seriously be tons of references to 1984 though. :3
  11. I'm hoping for the next episode, that Ross references SLAYER. I mean he referenced SLAYER in Civil Protection. It's always made me wonder. What kind of music does Freeman listen to?! I mean I'm thinking he listens to SLAYER, Pantera, and some random metal band..... I mean I could always imagine him singing War Ensemble, Raining Blood, or Blood Red out of nowhere all the sudden.... Just imagine. Also, this was a great episode. Looking forward to the next one. P.S I'm a SLAYER fan. \m/
  12. I could imagine something like this. FREEMAN'S MIND 2 EPISODE 1! "Oh God, where am I?! What the fuck is this?! Why am I on a train?!" Breen: Welcome to City 17 (gives the speech) "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! 1984?! GEORGE ORWELL WAS RIGHT! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING ALL OF US!" (Encounter with first Metro-Cop) "YOU COMMUNIST! YOU HAVE TO REALIZE THAT WE THE (gets hit) PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS! THIS IS AMERICA....." XD imagine something like that!
  13. Does anyone else here think that any of the Freeman's Mind lines could be made into a SLAYER song. Also, is it me or does Ross Scott sound like Will Ferrell meets Tom Araya.
  14. Great, I'm getting Fried Calamari today in the Spanish style (lemon squeezed on it and black pepper on it, I DON'T LIKE EATING IT THE ITALIAN WAY! I'm sorry but I'm used to eating it like Andalusia style) and now when I eat it... I'm going to think to myself.... (I'm eating a Bullsquid... YUM! )
  15. No you don't understand... Morgan Freeman WAS in Half-Life 2 saga... he was Eli Vance!!!!
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