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  1. How did you make your website? I have a bachelor's degree in computer science, professional experience working with Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and academic experience writing PHP and yet I have no idea how to actually START a website. Also, I'd like to sell T-shirts and whatnot to supplement my YouTube ad revenue. How did you set up that T Shirt shop you had? If these answers are too long, can you at least point me in the right direction?
  2. Inappropriate Building materials: Picks or It Didn't Happen: IMMEDIATELY after I entered "GIMME MY PICK BACK, MINECRAFT" it reappeared in my hand.
  3. Did I hear TeknoAxe's "Hyperbole" in this video at 25:50? I used it in one of my videos, too. I sped it up by about 25% because I think it sounds a bit too slow.
  4. Congratulations on finishing Freeman's Mind, Ross! I think I was still in highschool when I discovered it. I remember when there were only eight episodes. I think "That's not the initiative that kept Soviet paratroopers off my lawn!" is still my favorite line in the whole series. I could tell each time you released a new episode even before my subscriber notifications noticed in the last couple of months because every time you did, I got a huge number of views on my "The Sound of All Freeman's Mind Episodes Playing at Once" video. It's funny, because I made it before Freeman mentioned that he might accidentally clone himself with a teleporter, and now everyone's bringing that up in the comment section. Would you be alright with me putting ads on that video? I know it's probably too late to ask this since I doubt I'll be getting any more massive piles of views from being associated with your videos now that the series is over, but I thought it would be better to ask late than never.
  5. Yeah, a bunch of people said that, I feel dumb that I didn't hear it. I added that to the annotations, I actually think that's pretty funny then since Joey is a little too lax even by plumber's standards. Don't worry about it. People miss things. For the longest time, I didn't realize that the French Soldiers in Monty Python and the Holy Grail were trying to pronounce "Knights" when they said "Kuh-nig-ets."
  6. In part one, 8:00, I think the guy said "...from the PLUMBER's Local union..." Its a plumber's crack joke. He's saying he needs to pull his pants up because his butt crack is too visible.
  7. (Image searches "Pinhead Hellraiser") ...Ouch! Get well soon, Ross.
  8. Encounter with first headcrap shell: *WHAM! (headcrabs climb out) Freeman: (pause) The facehuggers can build aircraft now?!? How long was I gone!?! *WHAM! (Another one lands nearby) Freeman: Well, at least they suck at landing. In the fight with the Hunter Chopper: (Hunter Chopper begins spewing a ridiculous amount of mines all over the place) Freeman: WHY ARE YOU USING THIS MUCH ORDINANCE! I'M JUST ONE GUY IN A LITTLE BOAT! WHY ARE YOU SHITTING WORLD WAR THREE AT ME? (later in the fight) Freeman: How am I supposed to compete with an attack copter that can LITERALLY PULL AN UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF LETHAL EXPLOSIVES OUT OF ITS ASS!?!? Upon discovering the Gravity Gun: Freeman: Man, I wish I had one of these things back before the accident at Black Mesa. If anyone ever took my spot in the parking lot again, I could punt their car out of the parking garage and into that ditch at the bottom. And there would be no collateral damage to my own car, so the police wouldn't be able to figure out that I was the one who did it again. Ravenholm: Freeman: Hey! Are those propane tanks? They are! Yes! My favorite childhood toys! Lowlife: Alyx: (imitating zombie) ...mmm...GRRR! Freeman: AAHH! (Promptly turns around and blows Alyx's head off)...shit...um...sorry.
  9. Too late... That's 90% of all views on Youtube. I can't pretend I didn't already suspect that.
  10. ...wait ...you didn't count Barney or Freeman among the humans.... WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU'RE NOT TELLING US!
  11. If you don't already know, I'm that guy that made the "All Freeman's Mind Episodes at once video" and the subsequent HTML script for watching a bunch of them at the same time. It was suggested that I make a new one for generating views for the new video on TGWTG. I could do that, but the thing is, I think that would be wrong. The reason I made the first one was that YouTube changed their algorithms, which unfairly prevented Ross from getting views, so I wanted to help fix that. But now, Ross has been given a fair chance to get legitimate views on TGWTG, so I feel that artificially generating views for him is cheating. After all, the businesses pay lots of money to put their ads on videos so that people see them. If I created the HTML script and people started using it to generate false views, the businesses would have to pay more for views that didn't actually help sell their products. They would be getting screwed instead of Ross. I know that giving Ross a few hundred extra views right now might not seem like a big deal, but if this actually worked and people realized out they could generate artificial views like this so easily, then unscrupulous people might start hiring legions of other users to run these scripts to artificially inflate their own videos to artificial views orders of magnitude higher than the views they actually deserve. Heck, maybe this is already going on. In any case, I don't want any part of it. So I'm not making an HTML script for the new episodes. At least, not unless something like what happened on YoutTube happens again.
  12. Alright! Here it is! Now you too can give Dr. Freeman Schizophrenia! http://pastebin.com/dxJCge25 Notes: - Copy and paste the code into a text document and save it with the extension .html - Open the file using an internt browser - Make sure you allow pop-ups and JavaScript on your internet browser - Make sure you've already signed in to your YouTube account before activating - It works on my Chrome and FireFox browsers, but I couldn't get it to work with Internet Explorer - Start with a low number of simultaneous episodes, like 1 - 3, and work your way up. - Pay attention to how much RAM you have left to ensure you don't go overboard. Yes, I made the video. I just played as many episodes as I could to give Ross more views and thought I should share the idea with his other fans, so I recorded it and made a video of it. I think that might mess up your code's formatting. Stick it up on Pastebin, that should work. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Does anyone know what would happen if I just added a sample of HTML code as part of my post text? Would that screw anything up? Because if not, I could just post my Freeman's Mind view page here and tell everyone to paste it into a text file.
  14. I don't have anywhere to host it. Do you know where I could host it? It's just a text file. I should be able to allow people to download it somehow but I don't know how. I'm new to this.
  15. I have the HTML file ready, but I can't attach it here because the forum identified it as a potential security threat. Anyone got any ideas? I tried converting it to a .doc and a .txt, but those weren't accepted either. Does anyone know what would happen if I were to just post the page's text right here?
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