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  1. New episode means new update to the count which is listed as follows: 4 Ninjas 4 Grunts Therefore the new count is now 497, just a measly 3 kills from 500
  2. playing a session of Dungeons and Dragons
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050518541/ My steam name and available for l4d2 or Civ.5
  4. If you mean ones like the two in the elevator in episode one, then yes
  5. Well I might as well introduce myself seeing how I've done a little posting and a lot of lurking: Name: wallbuilder (a name I got from a D&D campaign) Location: Southern California Occupation: Student studying politics in the hopes of getting a job in the Foreign Service Office Interests: Video games, D&D, Books and philosophical discussions I do intend to become more involved in discussion, Thanks for reading.
  6. Time to update the kill count with episode 53 release with the following being felled by Freeman: 4 Humans 3 Vorts 6 Grunts 5 Headcrabs 1 BullSquid Total:19 Bringing the new total kill count to 489. If I have missed a kill please feel free to correct my count.
  7. I would say it is probably closer (in terms of the death count) to a skirmish instead of a war. Still this took place in what 3-4 days at most which means Freeman has killed on average from 117.5 to 156.6 a day if my estimate of how much time has passed is correct.
  8. It is probably classified in some regard to the military
  9. so if the current count is correct, that brings the total to 470
  10. I forgot which episode it is but he talks on how he doesn't make a good patsy and in it he mentions a petty theft charge and a public intoxication charge as well.
  11. Good Lord, has it been six years already? Is it just me or does time seem to be speeding up?
  12. I had to read all 19 pages(worth the read) to make sure no one had said this but in episode 33 when he shoots the server: "I wonder if I just screwed someone using our network? Network errors are lame it's always 404 or 503. Why can't there be Error 482: Somebody shot the server with a 12-gauge, please contact your administrator."
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