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  1. So, how long does it take to send a video camera to Poland?
  2. I'm sorry I snapped at you. I posted that reply pretty much immediately after I wrote it while I was still very heated. And honestly, it was a really stupid thing to get so heated over in the first place. I'm really sorry. I'd still like this thread to be discussion on the actual episode itself, whether you loved it or hated it. A thread where everyone agrees on how wonderful and special the episode is would a pretty boring thread in my opinion. But hey, say whatever you want to say. I'm not in charge.
  3. Well you can go fuck yourself then you goddamn motherfucking piece of shit! Jokes aside, I did fly off the handle a bit. It just kinda ticked me off how Mr Nutt said this thread should only be about praising Ross and anything that strays off that is pointless arguing and should be it's own separate thread. I'm actually starting to think we should start a new thread for the episode seeing as how cluttered this one is and I think only 2 pages of it discuss Freeman's line of reasoning.
  4. Despite what I may have said earlier, I am very happy with this episode and I don't mind if people want to congratulate Ross on a job well done. What I do mind, however, is people saying the exact same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over... This commentary on the G-Man's aesthetic was very refreshing and honestly seems a lot more relevant to the video than the 270 other posts about people going to college and how many kids they've had in the past 7 years. Why does everything have to be happy? I don't see anything wrong with a heated discussion.
  5. Yeah, I've noticed these threads seem to have a habit of becoming a massive argument over what is "canon" and what isn't. If you ask me, they really should take that elsewhere because this is supposed to be about the final episode of Freeman's Mind, damnnit! This thread shouldn't have pointless arguing, it should be about how Ross did an awesome job with the series (and of course, this episode). We already have over 13 fucking pages of people sucking Ross' dick and reminiscing on the past 7 years. It's about time we have an actual discussion and not just a big fuck-off circlejerk.
  6. He has all the original video files and isolated voice tracks, but he didn't keep the demo files of the earlier episodes. (Source) Also, episodes 1—16 are all in 4:3, so the aspect ratio change come episode 17 would be pretty jarring. Unless you're thinking of cropping all the widescreen episodes, but at that point I'd rather just watch the original videos.
  7. I gotta agree with RandomGuy on this one. This whole series Freeman has been bumbling around trying to save his own skin. I was hoping Freeman would finally have an 'I have to save the earth!" epiphany, but it was just more of the same. Though 'the same' is still very good, I think there was a real missed opportunity for a change in Freeman's character and an even more dramatic finale. Big problem with that: The end scene is very short, the G-Man talks over most all of it, there's wacky shit going on, and there's only about twenty seconds of actual 'dead air', and it's on the tram at the end, where you have to make the choice. Not a lot of room for introspection. Well, he could have at least had SOME reaction to the G-Man. He only even acknowledged his supernatural abilities in passing ("... and you're a fucking time-lord.")
  8. Jesus, those comments at the end are as frustrating as they are hilarious. I seriously need to punch something right now. Specifically the faces of the people who made those comments. Personal favorites: "what game is this, bioshock" "why are the graphics so bad, is this a psp game?" "its not the actual half life game its kinda like a half life g-mod... i forget the name" "is this half life 1 or 2" "dude why would you think its hl1 if it doesnt say that anywhere its called freemans mind" "this is counter strike 1.6 story mode i just down-loaded it =)"
  9. "Alone, not you, alone" "The truth, you can never know the truth" "Now die" "Decieve you, he will decieve you" "You are man, he is not man. For you, he waits" "Thieves, you all are thieves"
  10. Isn't Freeman's reaction to that scene already in Freeman Across The Universe? I'm pretty sure Ross wouldn't make the same joke twice.
  11. Maybe I was a bit too snarky in my last post. This is probably the best episode yet and I'm very excited to see how the next episode will out-do it. I don't think I've been this excited to see a series' finale since Breaking Bad. Part of that is because of how much I love Half-Life, but another is because of how real Ross' Freeman feels as a character. It's never felt like Ross is just talking over the game. Thanks so much, Ross. It's been a great 5 years.
  12. I didn't really like the happy music at the end. I thought it was a bit too corny and tension breaking. Also, even though I'm not a fan of Barney's Mind, the Ian Riley cameo made me smile. Very excited for the Nihilanth battle and G-Man conclusion!
  13. Nihilanth's voice was very clearly in episode 64 "Done...what have you done..." and I think very faintly in episode 63, but those could've been some other demonic whispers.
  14. That LPer I linked to got through it in 15 minutes and he bumbled around quite a bit. Three episodes is still possible, though. Edit: Looking back at the factory levels, they were three very large, convoluted maps with a lot to explore. Three episodes seems most likely. I'm guessing one very long finale episode. It would be pretty anticlimactic if Freeman 'took a breather' during the most anticipated battle of this almost decade-long series. And drawing it out for three episodes?! That's ridiculous. This is what I meant by "Endgame" since that's what the game files refer to it as. Maybe I should've been more specific. I really hope the G-man's talk isn't a separate episode. It would again be anticlimactic and lose the relief and adrenaline that you get right after you kill the Nihilanth. It would be like if I had to put in a 2nd disc after killing the Nihilanth to see the ending.
  15. Really? Six? There's which will be it's own episode, and which can't be more than a two-parter, then finally the Nihilanth battle and Endgame which I think's gonna be one big finale episode. So right now I'm guessing 3—4 more episodes to the series' end. Maybe a fifth for an alternate ending?
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