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  1. quantum chromodynamic gauge invariant Lagrangian
  2. quantum chromodynamic gauge invariant Lagrangian
  3. *the dark ages happen**news spread by messenger and took days to get across the neighborhood* The local Game-shack is out of double A batteries
  4. *Bowls and hits two pins at once* Combo plater! __________________________________________________________________ *reads creapycreepypasta on Vincent Van Go* It's like an echasketch from hell! _____________________________________________________________________ *sees a picture of Jeff the killer* See, i'm looking at the face of death right now. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ I don't know if I can eat a burger that big, but I mean what the hell it worked for Nixon it should work for me too right? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ (\ /)Oh my God this is crazy in a box with a side order of fries. (o.0) (>i<) ___________________________________________________________ *uses sonic screwdriver* mna-mna-mna-mna-mna-mna-mna-mna-mna
  5. The idea of Justice has the same problem. The way I see it, people are like books that are all the same story but from different views. If you don't read them all, then the next in the series is bound to confuse you. If you read them in the wrong order, you're ethical and protagonist view towards other story's characters won't be seen the same way as others. You could read from the bad guy's story before the good guy's and think the wrong man was prosecuted. Only the author really knows what is Just in this series. In those sitcoms where the character does something and when another character walks in on and thinks "WTF" and the first guy says "You don't understand let me explain," But the other character thinks badly of the first guy forever while you know what was really going on, share the point I try to make. So all I can conclude, there is no evil or good. Just what is or isn't going our way.
  6. It explains itself. here's an example: You're having trouble figuring out this game while I can recite the quantum chromodynamic gauge invariant Lagrangian. You know like that. Heck even make his name some kind of pun like they do on Community. I know no one's gonna Ross this on up.
  7. Ive been watching since it came out but didn't know exactly what it was until a few years ago. When someone else had it on and I went onto the computer I started watching it. My first episode, episode 22.
  8. scenario A, they were probably upset about me taking out their stock on white hats.
  9. He gave himself plans to be a strangler in that one episode. The fact that he's a doctor lends into the nickname the fuzz gives him.
  10. Notice anything "strange" lately about places like Walmart or something. I tried to buy some hats there the other day and was almost arrested for asking if they had any more white ones. What's up with that? Walmart people, do you know? Is it because hats are like the new cotton-gold in my state?
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