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  1. [rant=] So, my grandparents are watching a show so FUCKING RETARDED it can't even do PSYCHOBABBLE right, it has to resort to babblebabble, and it can't even do BABBLEBABBLE right. It isn't even a parody, and it is MAKING UP WORDS to pretend the magitagonist can divine people's intentions, psychological damage, personality traits, favourite icecream flavour, shoe size and diary key hiding places (and contents of said diary, of course) from their astral position relative to Madefuckingupica, the least existant star relative to the second moon of Doesnotexistica, second planet of Bullshittia. It's so stupid it can't even unstupid its fake-smart stupid-talk. It's like a drunk, braindamaged monkey with fetal alchohol syndrome marathoned Criminal Minds and tried to write a synopsis by fucking a keyboard, with Word set to wingdings to be produced by jingocans with dementia. Why? I don't get it. Why not just watch Criminal minds? It's only six layers of retardation instead of nineteen. That's thirteen layers less retarded. And as a second note, I can't believe they just made me DEFEND Criminal Minds, the most bullshitty bullshit faux-psychobabbly babblebabble to ever reach TV. I once gave almost the exact rant about that show, except it was somewhat shorter and ended by asking why they didn't just watch 24, because it was 2 layers of retardation instead of 6. I cannot believe how much dumber TV has gotten in only a couple years. YES, this pisses me off THAT MUCH. I can't word even now right fuck's for sake, goddammit. I fucking HATE how people with less creative ability than a random number generator can make millions of dollars making even more retarded ripoffs of one another's retarded ripoffs of stupid shows that were already highly derivative. Jesus FUCK, I can't tell if this really means that much or if I just have some slight anger problems. Probably both. _jl2Tgcbnb8 [/rant]
  2. Which is a useful tool. One to be used sparingly, to be sure, but some people are completely unreasonable and need to be ignored. Him, for instance. And of course, if somebody is completely unreasonable, they're better off using this tool more often as well. Him, for instance. Seriously, there's a reason I haven't read one of his posts in years. I mean, by the looks of it he seems to be attacking me, and judging by this post, at least the snippet you quoted, he's blaming me for it and trying to get you to punish me for not engaging him. Even though I've been ignoring him since October 2014. It's pretty ridiculous.
  3. I'm still putting his odds of winning pretty low, by the way. 20%, maybe 25%. The super-delegates are getting pretty ballsy and the media is already whitewashing their presence by pretending they're real delegates.
  4. Why not? Clinton's lead is mostly super-delegates and Sanders is leading in all the states coming up. If the polling is accurate, he should surpass her in pledged delegates, and then it's all about what the super delegates do.
  5. Eh, whatever. It's not going to escalate. I don't read Randomtroll's posts, ever, under any circumstances. Why start now?
  6. This your lungs on air, this your lungs on smoke...see the difference, man?...it's goin' stunt your growth all over...you'll wind up in a dang ol' hospital bed like Morton Downey Jr...Robert Downey Jr. even worse, man...yo...think they talk about oral gratification, all that dang...it's gonna give you a low sperm count, man...give ya ear hair...yo...it just ain't no good.
  7. No third parties. Spoiler effect, just handing the win to Trump.
  8. 10%? 20%? Really, just the low-information voters who only know that Bernie and Trump both are stated to be anti-establishment and hate the establishment. It's unfortunate that it's such a high number, but most voters are low-information and it's actually kinda surprising it seems to be as little for Bernie as it is. The other 80-90% fucking know better. They know Trump is a lunatic fascist and isn't *really* anti-establishment, he actually went and begged the donors for money and only started calling people out for taking money when he got rejected. Meanwhile, they know that Bernie is basically a German centrist or a French right-winger in terms of all of his policies, he's basically Elizabeth Warren with major hair loss and a Y-chromosome, and is the only option that isn't either fascism (Trump), fascism with a side of theocracy (Cruz), or absolutely no positive change and more control to the corporations (Hillary and Kasich). They will either vote for Hillary or not vote at all if Bernie doesn't win.
  9. Uh... Got to get back to normal... Sing a song, see if somebody will sing along... Uh... Now, if you don't know the lyrics, just follow the bouncing pug head! It'll show you the way! Now... Uh... Don't follow the red star, that'll give you the wrong lyrics, and completely ignore the chihuahua head. Just the pug, alright? Then we're good to go. Now, without any further ado, attune your ears to the grounding gears. DRHx4cPgbE
  10. Help! Random thread has turned into general chat and general chat has turned into random thread!
  11. Impossible. I haven't started singing, and appear to be acting entirely sober.
  12. I find it quite depressing how wilfully ignorant you are. Maybe you're just a bigot who is desperate to pretend Muslims are just evil, and ignore every geopolitical issue you have to in order to do it. Maybe you don't know about the geopolitical issues that have affected them, or think it all must be their faults and they deserve it because they're Muslims and therefore bad. You'd change your tune if you knew and thought about the history of the region. If you knew, just for one example, how badly the death of the Ottoman Empire affected the region, when a bunch of old white men carved up its corpse at random with no fucking clue where the ethnic and sectarian boundaries were. Especially if you also knew that the United States has personally destroyed stable and semi-stable governments in the region, armed and funded terrorism and is an ally and active military supporter of BOTH of the region's most powerful terror states, which are carpet-bombing civilians AS WE SPEAK. Even more so if you knew that the Muslim world was just as civilized as Christendom until very recently, and was indeed much MORE civilized for most of its history, before all that shit above happened. Or maybe you wouldn't. Because something tells me your hatred of Muslims has more to do with collectivism than it does rational thought. The barbarism in the Muslim world is all the fault of geopolitical issues beyond their control, mostly the clusterfuck trifecta par excellence that was the collapse and division of the Ottoman Empire. Islam is just the evil that took advantage of the situation. Christianity would have done just as much damage, so would Jusaism, and even if none of them were present some other malignant organization would have manifested anyway because that is what happens when society breaks down. But you won't listen to any of this, it all went right over your head, I'm sure of it. I mean, it's impossible to talk sense to somebody like you. It frustrates me to no end to know that your knowledge of the region starts with "Muslims bad because they are" and ends with "We good because we bomb them". It frustrates me that you don't know ANYTHING about the history of ANY of the nations involved. It frustrates me that you insist on forming your opinion based on bigoted pre-conceptions rather than actual historical facts, that you don't even know what the word "geopolitics" means, and are unwilling to listen to people who actually know what they're talking about, or even to consider what they have to say. Go ahead and scream "IS NOT!" until you're hoarse in the throat, because I know you won't listen to a word I say. And go ahead and vote for Mussolini, because that fascist piece of shit is exactly the kind of president a bigot like you wants. I'm well aware that I'm wasting my time. ... Killing is killing. It's not more okay for one person to advocate it than any other, let alone an entire religion. Preach it, sister.
  13. ojYK6CW8gdw Okay. This group is addictive. Hypnotic, even. I will admit it.
  14. I don't have time to respond to every point individually, but I have a quick nitpick. I'm sure he could, if he bothered to look, come up with a few great sources demanding violence, even specifically against non-believers, but none against the US or the West because these concepts just weren't a thing when the books were written. Hell, here, have a list of violent Quran passages: http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/quran/cruelty/long.html It's a pretty long list, too. And only one, there's actually other examples that these people sorted under other categories. If you can be bothered to navigate to the main page, you'll find the other lists. This book is fucking evil. That said, the same can be said of the Bible and Talmud. Wrong! Here, have a list of Christianity and Judaism doing exactly that. Oh, and by the way? Plenty in the new testament, too. Just to clarify since I know you won't actually read it. http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/cruelty/long.html Hell, have another. http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/int/long.html Oh, and let's have one more. http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/inj/long.html Eh, one more just for fun. http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/gay/long.htm "Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived." -Isaac Asimov Yeah, I think that'll do. Now, only the first list is specifically for violent passages, but there is calls for murder in every single one of these lists. Because that "Thou shall not kill" thing is a fucking joke. Your god was specifically created to justify the actions of bronze-age savages, no matter what they wanted to do. That's why the bible contradicts itself every third word, too. Because most people couldn't READ back then, so they had no way of knowing when one passage supported one thing and another passage supported the exact opposite. This way, the book could be a catch-all excuse for ANYTHING the warlords who made it wanted to do, even when they flip-flopped on positions. Here, actually, have a list of that. http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/contra/number.html The difference isn't that Islam is worse, though I do agree that it is considering the whole paedophilia thing it's got going on so, SO much more than the others. The difference is that Christians and Jews largely live in secular nations and aren't allowed to behave like the bronze-age savages their religious texts want them to be. If Muslims mostly lived in secular nations they would also not act like violent savages, especially since most of them have NO IDEA what is in their holy books any more than you have any idea what's in yours. This is actually proven real fast when they immigrate into Europe, and behave like any other (significantly culture-shocked) immigrants. This is plenty of reason by itself to allow them in. They get a better life in a secular society, the world gets more civilized people, the middle east gets fewer violent theocrats. Seems like a no-brainer.
  15. I am not a food bank, and my money is not food stamps. I am not going to go over to somebody's house just to pay for all the food and booze while they phub me in favour of some random fuckbag on Skype for all the fucking time. And if I do go somewhere, and spend several days there paying for everything for an asshole who won't even help me carry it, that had better not be the only fucking reason I'm there. When I realized that is exactly what had just happened I quietly left and I will not return again. As far as I'm concerned, he's not my friend, and he can starve.
  16. If I could begin to be... Half of what you think of me...
  17. My aunt still has leukemia. I am still stuck here. It is still entirely possible a family member I have been close to for most of my life will die before I see them again. Still kinda, you know, bummed about that whole thing. With that stuff.
  18. Rarity got the rest of this post, so I'm going to address this part. One quick thing about Hillary, all the defence of that corporatist shill I'm willing to give, is one question: WHY would she be so horrible? Go ahead, give REASONS. Actual REASONS. Not "I don't like her", because I don't like her either, actual reasons why she would be a disaster instead of Bill Clinton Mk III (Obama was Mk II). I have mine, but I don't think you have even one single reason at all. And please, DO be specific. And then when you're done stumbling to come up with some vague reason or cribbing your answers off of The Blaze, I'll give you some actual reasons, all of which also apply to your precious Donald Trump. Now for the important part: You do not know what socialism is. I'mma let Urban Dictionary do the insulting for me: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=socialism Socialism is anything between full capitalism and communism. As in, anything between the robber baron era and Marxism. As in, any model in which the government provides services, regulates business, or otherwise moves away from laissez faire economics is a socialist model because that is ALL THE WORD MEANS. It isn't a boogie word, it's a word Marx invented for people to the right of him and to the left of Ayn Rand. (Which is everybody.) The United States is already a socialist country by definition, alright? It's socialist because it uses social means to pay for government services instead of them being handled privately like they would be in a pure capitalist economic model. It isn't just health care and colleges that count as socialism, it isn't just the things we aren't doing because we're decades behind the entire civilized world, it's everything else too. That includes law enforcement, the military, fire departments, business regulation, roads, border control and everything else. Every single government project, EVER, is paid for socially and is distance between the US and pure capitalism. Every single government project is socialism. PERIOD. Now, as for Bernie, how socialist is he? He's providing us single-payer health care, that is health care paid for by tax dollars. Like every CIVILIZED country on the planet. Oh, and the first two years of community college being tuition free? Yeah, the US education system is so bad that those two years are covered as part of high school in most of Europe. So he's actually, by the standards of any European country, a centrist. He's not some crazy lefty, he's just bringing us up to date with the rest of the world, and yes he HAS already explained how he's going to pay for all of it. Now let's look at Trump. "But Trump isn't socialist at all!", I hear you scream. Oh, how little attention you pay to EVERYTHING, Trump voter. He ALSO supported single-payer for those who couldn't afford it, saying that we would indeed pay the medical expenses of some people because he didn't want people dying in the street. Probably the only thing I agree with him on, and yes that's still "SOCIALISM!!!". He also wants to beef up border patrol, another "SOCIALIST!!!" project. Oh, and his stupid fucking wall? Do you think that's being paid for privately, and done by a private company? Nope, paid for socially. And not by Mexico either, that's insane. He's also penalizing businesses that are outsourcing jobs and leaving the country, and why yes, that's not in laissez faire economics, that's a "SOCIALIST!!!" regulation. It's also another thing I agree with him on, we totally used to do that. Though his numbers are way too high. He's to the left of Bernie on this one, you do realize that, right? This is an area where he is to the LEFT of BERNIE SANDERS. There's more, too, that I don't have time to list right now. Every populist thing Trump says is "SOCIALISM!!!" by definition. And he says a lot of them, even if he flip-flop on them later. Trump is just as "SOCIALIST!!!" as Bernie, he's just got absolutely idiotic policies. Listen to his speeches and pay attention, you'll see it. So how about next time, you attack Bernie on his policies, not a broad label that doesn't mean what you think it means?
  19. Hello goodbye, 'twas nice to know you. How I find myself without you, That I'll never know. I let myself go.... Now you have to go...
  20. Hello goodbye I'm rather crazy and I never thought I was crazy, but what do I know? But what do I know... I let myself go... I let myself go...
  21. Dude, do the math. That's $485,727 on that list. Where's the rest of the $96,300,000? Oh, right, it's not listed. Because as I said, individual donations are the overwhelming majority of his campaign finances, and those aren't listed. Seriously, you can do the math. This is embarrassing.
  22. This is not true. Sanders gets most of his money from small, private donations. The list you're looking at omits those private donations, and is all his lifetime donations rather than what he's received specifically for the presidential election. This guy's average donation size is $27.
  23. Considering my laptop is also windows 10 and never has this issue, I'm going to ignore you on this one.
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