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  1. This kitten has the other kitten in a fur nelson.
  2. tU-VJOzb-10 My girlfriend is fucking weird. Not that I mind.
  3. The closest you would get is Casper, Ghostbusters 1 & 2. Maybe even Beetlejuice. look up napstablook on e621 Why? Why must Rule 34 apply to EVERYTHING? WHY?
  4. A few in a row that are just the result of playing a game too much... Kinda figures. I've never hit that point with a Bethesda game, but I've done that with just about every linear game I've ever actually liked. For example, most of the Halo series. I got back into Halo 3 for a little bit, and I found myself wishing it had some procedural generation or something because I knew the location of every enemy in the game, exactly what strategies worked best for me, and breezed through the entire game despite not having played it in five years. It didn't challenge me on any difficulty but legendary, and even on legendary the difficulty provided wasn't of the fun variety. That's not any fault of the game, but I just played it way entirely too much and it bores me now. Same goes for the original Half-Life.
  5. Oh, excuse me, my magical gender-scanner doesn't seem to work very well. I'll have to call tech support.
  6. My aunt has leukemia and I can't even see her.
  7. Ramsey Bolton is a complete monster.
  8. I have checked. You know, this problem started when Jeb temp banned me a while ago. Could that be related?
  9. You seem unaware of Ulysses S. Grant.
  10. You mean this trailer? Yeah, that's the same version used in the game.
  11. Hillary just got very badly Berned yesterday. I mean, historically Berned. As in, Bernie pulled the biggest upset in primary history yesterday, and that is NOT hyperbole. He overcame an 22-point disadvantage and won by almost 2. That is a TWENTY FOUR POINT upset. That is ENORMOUS. It also throws into question literally every poll that shows Hillary with an advantage, especially since although he lost the other two states he also did better than expected by double digits, because she doesn't *have* any enormous leads anywhere else, and if he keeps beating polls by the current average of 20, he's splitting the delegates in Illinois and Florida, where her lead is the largest, and beating her literally everywhere else. So, I'm going to call it early. Bernie Sanders is the new favourite. He'll overcome Hillary's win within the month, and stay in the lead clear through California. The super-delegates are still a problem, as that won't necessarily be enough to overcome their influence, as they are 15% of the vote. But most of them probably *won't* be willing to vote for her if she's down by more than about 5, because that would be an enormous scandal that would scorn the democratic party and possibly lead to the removal of the undemocratic super-delegate system. And if he wins by even more, say 10, and they still override the votes of the american people, the democratic party will suffer such a hit that the super-delegate system is going to have to be sacrificed to save the DNC. And on the GOP side, Cruz is making up a little bit of Trump's lead, which is unfortunate because Cruz is literally the only politician running who is worse than Trump. I mean, he is the fundamentalist candidate, this election cycle's Rick Santorum, basically the slightly softer Christian version of Salman Al Saud. Trump would be a disaster, but Cruz would be a catastrophe. Unless you like the idea of the US being pushed towards theocratic government and the robber baron economic model, which I sure as hell don't. Still, to beat trump at this point the GOP would have to make Kasich and Rubio drop out, and have them both endorse Cruz. That is unlikely, because they would massively prefer Rubio and since Cruz will never drop out, ever, even if he falls to 1%, they can't get Rubio. By the time they realize they can't wait for Rubio to suddenly recover, it'll be too late. As for their contested convention plan, that's an entirely unrealistic plan and it has never worked. So it's looking even more like it'll be Trump vs Sanders. And the polling shows him with an 8-point lead (as opposed to Hillary's 5-point lead). And if it's Cruz vs Sanders, the victory is an even larger 9.7-point lead, which is odd because according to Realclearpolitics, Hillary is actually *losing* to Cruz in that match-up by 1.5 points. Even if Rubio managed to be the candidate, Sanders beats him by a comfortable 3.3 while Hillary loses by a significant 5. So whoever it is that ends up being the republican nominee, if Sanders wins the democratic primary he WILL be the next president of the United States. But if Clinton is the democratic nominee, she's likely to lose. We'll have to wait and see, but this is exciting.
  12. No, he just hates me and must remind everybody every thirty seconds, on the off chance we're all secretly goldfish. (Yes, I realize the thirty second memory thing is a myth.) @Username For the record, I love cats and cats love me. Even cats that are normally hostile, which this little guy isn't if the nonstop Skype messages about him are any indication.
  13. I get that American, suck at geography, but that's ridiculous.
  14. Actually, that's just the 1961 recording of Blue Moon, not a cover. Because it's an addictive real-world drug that was rampantly abused and shares its addiction with its prodrug heroin, causing many morphine addicts to turn to heroin when morphine is no longer available? That was quite a problem for most of a century, you know. That's how the illicit heroin trade got started. (Also, yes, heroin was invented as a pharmaceutical.)
  15. Shouldn' t that be "comrade" in this context? (And if you were thinking it, I do get that it isn't a perfect comparison to the eastern front of World War 2.)
  16. My girlfriend got a kitten today. So, that means I probably just got a new friend. We'll see when I meet the little gut tomorrow.
  17. Guess what I just realised about Fallout 4. I am siding with a faction that has absolute control by a small council and compensation for all participants with no classes or money. And I am doing so to defeat a force lead by a dictator that aims to exterminate inferior races it sees as a threat to the master race. This uh... Kinda reminds me of something. Excuse me, I need to go get some vodka. (One hour later.) Vstavay, strana ogromnaya, Vstavay na smertny boy! S fashistskoy siloy tyomnoyu... *HIC* ...S proklyatoyu ordoy. Pust’ yarost’ blagorodnaya... Vskip... Vskip... *HIC* VSKIPAET... Vskipaet, kak volna. Idyot voyna narodnaya, Svyaschennaya volna... voyna. Svyaschennaya voyna! *HIC*
  18. @Selfsurprise Actually, it's worse than that. At least if you find your computer can't handle a game, there's things you can do about it, and someday maybe you'll be able to play it. When a game has been intentionally killed, it's just over and there's no chance at all.
  19. Catching up on the town hall I missed during last night's... Activities.
  20. I'll take care of those animals for you... I promise it'll be humane. They won't even feel it. *Clearly getting extra bags of pet food, bowls and collars.* Uh... That's not related. Totally not going to keep them. You didn't see anything.
  21. I actually started with his Fallout 4 playthrough. I went back and I'm watching his Fallout New Vegas playthrough now. Getting caught up might take a while, for obvious reasons, but it'll be worth it.
  22. I stand by my statement. At least in the last year that is the only time, and my memory is good enough to say that. Jeb's right, you're adorable. You actually think I hate you. I mean, why not, right? It's not like I barely know or interact with you or anything. Seriously, though. You are not important enough to me for me to hate you. I would need to know you personally for that. I am frequently annoyed by you, but that's it. It really doesn't, and if you were around more you'd know that. See, this is what annoys me about you. You didn't even look, to see if what I was saying was true. You are so confident in your pre-conceived notions that you can't be bothered to look at evidence or listen to arguments. So much so that you sometimes completely miss what the topic is. I prefer to speak to people I have a problem with personally, and directly. Publicly if that's what it takes to make them listen. Not go over their head to somebody uninvolved who doesn't know what's going on and likely won't be able to respond to it constructively. I want people to be reformed, not punished. If you have a problem with that, that's your problem, not mine.
  23. Odd. It does the opposite to me. OT: So... Depressed again. Pretty rapid turnaround there. My GF had a gynecologist appointment today. They confirmed her cervix is still scarred shut. And even though we aren't having children anyway, we would like to some day, and... Not happening. We can't adopt either, for other reasons. And she's been talking about it, a lot. So... *Sigh*. I know it doesn't really make a difference, but I can't help being sad about it. I'm going to go over there soon and see if I can comfort her better in person, but that's all I can do.
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