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  1. Commander Blood seems to fit perfectly in the Game Dungeon wheelhouse. Weird gameplay, adventure game logic jumps... Ross may get a kick out of it.
  2. Is that Craig (Voice of Dave in Civil Protection) as Zack? Edit: Just read the credits. It certainly is. Good to hear him again.
  3. Man, Daybreak is screwing the pooch on this game.
  4. Use Heli0centrical 0 and O look the same. There are just too many variables in system design for a simple guide. If you PM me your system specs, I can give you a likelihood of settings that will maximize your framerate while preserving visual fidelity. No I already picked the settings, I just wanted something a bit more in-depth, (sorry don't know how to explain it). I know the textures are more intensive, but the game will look like ass if I lower those too, other settings really don't matter so I just lowered them anyway, I always lower settings related to the geometry, it's always stuff you never notice. Ideally I would benchmark each setting, but I'm feeling kinda lazy so I just went with something a bit quicker. I wanted something more than what the in-game settings offer me, but anything else might be a bit too extreme, so I'll have to just suffer during big battles. Oh, hey, I was playing with you a bit last night.
  5. Ah, the great internet boogyman: the "casual gamer." I'm sure you'd like these folks to apologize for getting jobs and having families or other such obligations. (/snark) On topic, I'm psyched for VR. A buddy of mine has a DK2, and he let me borrow it to play Elite: Dangerous. VR takes that game to a completely different level of immersion. I see it working really well for games like Elite: Dangerous or iRacing, so flight sims and racing sims, but maybe not as well for first person shooters, strangely enough.
  6. Dungeon Siege was awesome. As mentioned above, NWN 1-2 gets kind of close to what he wants in a hack and slash, if one were to cross Dungeon Siege with Baldur's Gate. I remember trying to get into the multiplayer for Dungeon Siege, but it was always hard to find a game. They were doing some interesting things with semi-persistent worlds back then.
  7. Donated. I did the monthly option, because I've been laughing at your videos too long to not give you SOMETHING.
  8. I think the only playthrough that really worked was your Carnevil one. Let's Plays, in general, have just over saturated the market so much that I think a lot of people are turned off to them as a whole - this is mostly why I've stopped streaming playthroughs of games, because there's no audience for it. It was an interesting experiment, and this sort of thing can work, but the fact that the other guy wasn't giving you much and that the game itself was pretty boring didn't help at all.
  9. Technically Diablo 3, but I'm also waist-deep in a Baldur's Gate 1 playthrough at the moment. I try to re-play that every two years or so.
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