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  1. Barney: Good job, Gordon. Throwing that switch and all? I can see your M.I.T education payed for itself. Gordon: May I remind you I'm the one with the metal suit that can probably break a person's face if merely slap them?
  2. Pirated HL1 (Argentinian Economics are a bitch). I remember being blown away with the first section...Until after 20 min my shitty Notebook overheated and had to restart everything, those where hard times.
  3. The only thing I can remember from CoD 5 is anger and frustration with the campaign, which may be a good thing considering the potty training level of difficulty current CoD games have in their singleplayer. Also, nobody put Vampire: The Masquerade in their list?
  4. Is Fallout 4 with mods really that good? I was really hyped at first, but then when I saw gameplay, it kinda felt like a watered down New Vegas with prettier graphics. Still, if I manage to get a new PC or a PS4 by christmas, I'll consider buying it.
  5. Man, didn't expect to have this many replies (kinda shows that I forgot a little bit about this topic, A LITTLE) Again, thanks a bunch for the recommendations, been trying out and playing most of them over the last months. Also, couldn't really get into RTS, maybe I should give it more time, but for now, I'm not really interested in them (except Starcraft).
  6. Am I the only one that thinks that te voice acting in this episode is to give an example of the VA in the movie?. On the other hand, good video, A Game Dungeon a day keeps the let's players away
  7. Already did long ago before this thread . However, my PC is not the best when it comes to games, so I stick with 2006 below (Although I CAN actually run some newer games). Actually, some of the games on my list are not really ones I want to play, they are acutally games I haven't beaten yet (System Shock 2 for example). Also, I wanted to get into the Strategy games genre, is Starcraft a good game to start? If not, what game is good to get into that genre?
  8. Also, why can't I emulate the N64 Star Wars game?
  9. Some of those I played, but I have something weird, that, if I play the sequel to another game and it's good, I don't really like the first in the series (except Half Life). For instance, Borderlands, Loved the second one, biased about the first one. Thanks for the recommendations! If you have others let me know
  10. As the title says, I wanted to try other videogames, so, what do you recommend? Indies, Console games, Underrated games, ANYTHING.
  11. Crowbars


    Do you have the HD Pack?
  12. This will sound very stupid, but he is going to do Xen, right? Just that, not know
  13. (After finding out what happens when you touch the sand in Sandtraps) Freeman: Sooo... the floor is lava? (Right before the Antilon Guard) Freeman: OH GREAT, how am I gonna get past this? Give me a bigger monster will'ya? (Antilon Guard appears) Freeman:...SARCASM, SARCASM, S-A-R-C-A-S-M, WHY CAN'T ALIENS UNDERSTAND THIS!? FIRST THE SWAMP PLANET, NOW THIS!?
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