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  1. I get my copy delivered Saturday. I'm beyond pumped. And the time will go by quickly because Monday Night Combat comes to Xbox One and I'll be wasting my time on that
  2. Hey there, does anyone know where I can find the soundtrack for the Xbox 360 game Full House Poker? I absolutely love the music in that game, because it's the same kind of music I listen to and love to play. Jazzy, funky, groovy stuff. Sadly, I can't find the soundtrack anywhere. All I know is that the composer was Stan LePard. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. I'm here to leave another shameless plug. My band, Luke and the Somethings (Soundcloud in sig), has recently released our debut album entitled "Kentucky Gentlemen"! You can get it on iTunes, Amazon Music, or on CDBaby (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lukeandthesomethings) If anyone takes the time to listen to some of our stuff, feedback is appreciated! And if you decide to buy even one song, then I'm incredibly grateful! Okay, enough shameless plugs. Lol.
  4. I feel like this thread is now becoming a debate platform instead of just a place to list issues in the forums. I'm no mod, but can we try to bring this thread back to its original intent? I'm sure there are other places to discuss the line between free speech and hate speech.
  5. ISLE OF THE DEAD. I can't stress enough just how badly I want to see a Game Dungeon of that game.
  6. Nor sure if anyone else has noticed this, but when I click "I understand" on the banner about cookies, it takes me to viewtopic.php?acceptCookies, which doesn't exist. Going back or opening the link in a new tab don't get rid of the banner. Not really a huge complaint, but I figured someone might want to know!
  7. Hey all, just popping in to say that my band has released our first official single off of our upcoming album! Link is in my sig! Let me know what you think! Any feedback is welcome! Cheers!
  8. Just stopping by to give props to a line I personally found brilliant.
  9. I have a major in psychology, and I also do HVAC! What a coincidence! Haha.
  10. The one question I constantly wonder wasn't asked, and I'm probably the last person who isn't aware of the answer. Either way, I'll ask: Why did you leave the US to move to Poland?
  11. As long as I can eventually upload an avatar and customize my profile, then I'm cool with any theme. Personally, I'd say let's put the UCP issues at the forefront, and then worry about themes later. One's broken, one's not. Just my opinion, though.
  12. Gophers Over There Taking Acid. WOOPS
  13. Hi. I'm Trevor. -20, from Kentucky. -Current goal: Move my ass to England. -My band is Luke & the Somethings. (Check my sig; album coming soon!) -I play bass, I'm a percussionist, and a jazz drummer (along with a handful of other instruments I dabble on, but won't play on stage.) -I like adventure, and traveling in general. I'm often seen in a kayak, hiking, in an airport, or spelunking. -Currently in the process of obtaining my BS in Psychology, with a minor in audio technology. -I play Xbox a lot, so you'll find me on there more often than not. -Um...what else? Oh, I'm an amateur bartender and chef (by that I mean I spend a lot of time learning to mix drinks and cook new things, but I've never gotten paid to do it.) -I have a passion for learning and knowledge. The caveat is that I suck REALLY bad at math. It's a source of shame for me. -I drive a 1984 VW Rabbit GTI that I fixed up. It's a blast. -I like to swear a lot. That's pretty much it, really.
  14. You can send it anytime you like, I look forward to playing it on my guitar soon Sent you a PM!
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