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  1. The game is actually on GOG now along with its sequel. https://www.gog.com/game/war_wind https://www.gog.com/game/war_wind_ii_human_onslaught
  2. Neither is Outlaws Got a couple of lesser known picks off the top of my head. System Shock and Ultima Underworld 1 & 2 are great action/RPG hybrids by the developers that'd go on to develop the Thief games. Good fun if you're willing to stomach the rather clunky interface. There's also Bethesda's Terminator: Future Shock and SKYNET, two awesome FPS's based on the movies set in the post-apocalypse war that also feature some nifty vehicular sections.
  3. Don't forget its predecessor Captain Blood, either Cool open-ended procedurally generated universe and a unique communication system, tho unfortunately it's needlessly tricky to figure out.
  4. Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead after so long, but I had to bring this up after rewatching the episode earlier. It struck me that the music during the opening credits of the game sounded just a tiny bit familiar, and after doing some research, I discovered that whoever made this game simply stole that piece of music from a pre-existing game called The Amazing Spider-Man And Captain America In Doctor Doom's Revenge. To compare, here's Nyet 3 (song appears 43 seconds in) hvUArDeuESs And here's the other game: Q6rZcjunt4s What does this mean? I have no idea, but I thought it interesting all the same. EDIT: Well, I did some more research, turns out this piece was originally composed by Ad Lib Inc., hence why both games are able to use it. Now I feel foolish.
  5. The Neverhood. Easily my favorite game of all time, an absolutely unique claymation puzzle adventure game, but good luck trying to find a used copy of it that won't cost you $100 or more. The Curse Of Monkey Island is also sorely missed with the first two games being readily available (albeit in Special Edition form). And I agree with Psychotic Ninja, No One Lives Forever needs to make a comeback as well.
  6. Just came across this game from the same company that did Maabus: Soultrap. It looks trippy as hell, has a nice early 3D polygonal aesthetic, and comes in one of the best boxes I've ever seen. http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/soultrap/screenshots Box shot taken from here: http://obscuritory.tumblr.com/post/140664155039/please-take-some-clear-high-resolution-shots-of
  7. I just looked up the game's trailer cause I vaguely remember seeing it before and my god, this is the most 90's-tastic thing I've seen in a while i633LLohUOc
  8. D/Generation seems like a great fit for an episode. It's an obscure isometric DOS action/puzzle game that's rather unusual, balls hard, and has an interesting ending. Plus it'd be interesting to compare to the recent Steam remake (which looks rather terrible).
  9. Ratchet & Clank on PS2, playing for the first time. Hot damn, I wish I'd played this sooner, this thing's a blast But FFFFFUCK the hoverboard races
  10. QXMgKeO_SCo Monkey Island 2 Special Edition soundtrack.
  11. Bought a boxed copy of Flashback for DOS on eBay, as well as Shadow of Mordor and Shovel Knight on Steam. Wasn't planning on buying anything else for the rest of the month until a friend of mine showed me a listing for a boxed copy of Space Quest 4 on eBay as well and I just couldn't resist.
  12. 76GnOwHorn0 The FEZ soundtrack. Lovely tunes from a lovely game.
  13. Rocket: Robot On Wheels for N64, the very first game by Sucker Punch who would go on to make Sly Cooper and inFamous. Very fun if easy 3D collectathon platformer set in an amusement park with cool physics and a variety of vehicles to drive. Bit iffy with the controls and camera, but I'm still really enjoying it. So far I've cleared the first two stages out of seven.
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