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  1. I ask because I think it was in, I don't know, November 2015 or around there, he said he doesn't take credit for coming up with the idea of adapting existing material into a new story, just applying it to video games.
  2. I mean, sure, not like Ross started the mind genre or anything. You don't watch the livestreams, do you?
  3. "Sir, the reactor sh—" The shot rang through the hall, bullet piercing the poor technician's heart before he could dare get the rest of his sentence out. The captain ducked for cover, raising his pistol to confront the enemy.
  4. His market is oversaturated and he brings nothing new to the table. Said the fan of a gaming channel. Although Ross does do some different things from other gaming YouTubers, the whole "I'm just going to tell you what I think about it" thing is something you could probably find elsewhere if you wanted to. Subjective thing. More objective subjective thing. The objective part of editing quality is timing, correct scaling, and not using dissolves, and the subjective part is the other things, like how often it's edited and how many special effects there are. As far as I know, if there are any timing issues they're negligible and his videos are in widescreen so scaling isn't really an issue. I don't really see any problems with his editing, other than being a little basic. But hey, I'm pretty sure we both know someone else whose editing skills aren't great but we still give him a pass. I can understand you don't find him funny but to say that the (mostly) objective parts of his videos are bad while giving a pass for the same thing for someone else seems, I don't know, hypocritical? And this is coming from a serial hypocrite.
  5. Oh! So that's what it was? It was just a joke all along! Man, I feel so stupid now. It wasn't fucking funny. They can't all be winners.
  6. https://puu.sh/vPJhM.png Oh, you thought I was being serious there. For. . .some reason.
  7. When did that happen? All I did was say I didn't really think animu was good. Didn't even call anyone a retard this time. Right, Harmful Opinions, quality content, just like all those other dime-a-dozen commentators who profit off picking the lowest hanging SJW fruit they can find. Hey, when your main point is making a joke and you do, you don't have the same quality restrictions a "news" informer does. You start just being about two things: how good your jokes are and how good your editing is.
  8. _n5E7feJHw0 I'm sorry if I don't consider animay the pinnacle of quality.
  9. I used a laugh that came from an actually good original source.
  10. Wearing trousers up to my navel. It's actually more comfortable than having that gap between where my underwear ends and my legs can touch each other.
  11. Drown your problems, whether metaphorical or literal, with hard liquor. I'm studying Norwegian and it's going good enough, but I also have other responsibilities on top of a German course. How do I go about solving this?
  12. If you know you have 2 hours free watch this video (if you haven't alreasdy)
  13. Thank you very much, I'll be here all night.
  14. Oh wow, you're no longer so eye-searing. At least you won't look terrible while you're going to Hell.
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