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  1. Well, that review echoed some of the sentiments I have about huge corporatins, rich people and the military complex.
  2. @Selfsurprise Yes, I like to imagine that it would be like a reversed H.P. Lovecraft story where the aliens are appalled and driven insane by our very nature.
  3. I feel that the world building these days are more for the sake of franchise building rather than just because it seems like a cool element to have in there.
  4. I thought that the God of War games used QTE in a good rytm kind of way and they are a fun optional part of the Mortal Kombat games. Most of the time they are just not worth it, though. last game im aware of this is AC: unity Oh good. Maybe it's actually dying then?
  5. I always figured whenever we would first encountered alien life it would be awkward and disapointing for everyone involved. Then we would teach the alien life to drink and use social media to entierly destroy their culture.
  6. Hey Ross, do you think that social media has turned the Internet into a more hostile place than it was a decade ago? Also, what modern game studio would you like to do a H.P. Lovecraft inspired game?
  7. Hey Ross, do you think that social media has turned the Internet into a more hostile place than it was a decade ago?
  8. Do video games still do that thing when you only have one saveslot and the game only uses autosave? Because I hated that.
  9. I want to see Ross talk about Reunion. It's a somewhat aesthetically pleasing looking space sci-fi RTS game with some very flawed gameplay expectations by the player. It has a lot of emphasis on aranging things outside of the battlefield; like doing research, exploring planets, looking for rumours and finding alien allies to help you with your struggle. It also has an unusually well developed intro sequence that goes on for several minutes informing you about the state of the setting and filling you in on everything you need to know.
  10. Just got bitten by a wasp at the back of the knee.
  11. I liked Dark Souls 2 better compared to the first one, which I anyway consider to be inferior to Demon's Souls. Most people in the Dark Souls community seems to love hating on Dark Souls 2 and will defend the first game as some kind of 10/10 game even though it has plenty of flaws. Dark Souls 2 has less monotone grinding to upgrade your gear, the DLC areas are amazing, I liked the outfits better and I like the idea of the land basically being a cemetery of fallen kingdoms. I at least didn't seem to have the kneejerk that everyone else had.
  12. Hmm, so it does. Well, changing it to Ursus at this point would be silly and it would ruin my terrible pun.
  13. I'm fairly certain I'm male. Unless my entire life has been a lie up until this point. Which is not likely. Probably.
  14. Hi, I'm Björn, 32 years old scatterbrain from Sweden. I have been a fan of Freeman's Mind for years and I think that most of the content Ross puts up on youtube is generally more thoughtful than most other videogame videos I see there. My main interest is learning about what makes people so weird and driven. This usualy has me reading up on history, religion, mythology and people just describing their passions. I also tend to go through many different periods of specific interest that I later discard like old socks, or I pick them up months later when I realise that I'm not wearing socks. So I also end up drawing a lot of horror stuff in bursts of periods when inspiration has elbowed it's way to the forefront of my attention. My preference of music differs from period to period. It usualy consits of metal, rock, pop, synth, new age and video game tunes. My prefered fictional genres are fantasy, horror and sci-fi. I currently like reading some of the older stuff because I think it's interesting to get a hundred year old perception on the world and the people who lived then. At the moment I'm enjoying the work of H.P. Lovecraft. I also may or may not have a bad sense of humor.
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