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  1. I shamelessly second this question.
  2. I don't think Psychotic was berating you. Merely giving you possible reasons as for why they may not be talking to you as a way of support, as a way to understand. But if your friends aren't responding to you, consider playing some games or doing anything online that may involve social interaction (if J isn't an appropriate option) and talk to them later on. That might make the loneliness fade. But I wouldn't really know what makes you feel less lonely.
  3. There's always that one person, unfortunately. At least it wasn't the bus driver being an idiot (which you can come across sometimes).
  4. G) They're too tired/hungry. H) They have other plans. I) They don't feel like talking/playing games. J) They hate you, or at least secretly despise you.
  5. Life Tip #4 - Sometimes the person that sits in the corner of the room doesn't WANT to be talked to. Most of the time they're there for a reason. Don't go and annoy the poor thing by trying to strike up a conversation because they may want everyone to fuck right off.
  6. Relatedly... reminded me of this picture I found a small while ago. That black crow looks as though he's getting a painful dose of racism. And currently I'm doing random online research because research is entertaining.
  7. As do I sometimes, in fact most of the time I'm a complete unapologetic edgelord. Do you think both of us could rule over the realm of edgelordia together? SelfSurprise, would you like to go on a conquest of unending agony and atrocity with me? Was that a marriage proposal?
  8. Filling out forms. Not as bad of a task as one might think.
  9. Shout out to the phone-line operators who take emergency calls and are able to act so calmly. I just don't know how they do it. I'm usually a calm person but I don't think I'd hold the same profile in a situation like that.
  10. Watching tinfoil in a microwave. 2obQRAzxhtw
  11. Oh, greetings new forum-goer! Now we have two cats on the forum. How cute. Currently forum posting, nothing much else honestly.
  12. Name origins are quite intriguing. Much more fun to talk about than real names! You only get your real name from your parents and it can be totally off your personality. But usernames... They're a depiction of who you are, what your influences are, what you adore. Way better than real names! And now for randomness... Life Tip #3: Please refrain from getting drunk. It's not flattering and it won't help you and your problems. It'll make things worse, I guarantee. It also makes you look like an idiot, and it's embarrassing and unattractive. Nobody wants to hear you say the same thing six times over. We definitely heard you, but you still choose to tell us. Go find some other way to drown your problems. Just not one that can cause you serious harm.
  13. You made me choke on my energy drink and now it's in my nose. Thank you. That's just what I needed. Hey SelfSurprise, when your clothes come off, you're not the only one being pleasantly surprised.
  14. Hey Psychotic Ninja, are you a criminal? Because you appear to have stolen my heart.
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